It's OK Thursday #19

Hey ladies! I hope y'all didn't forget about It's OK Thursday. It's still alive even though we're doing the holiday challenge too!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to use your boyfriend's computer to blog since yours is on the fritz

..to be excited to wrap Christmas gifts even though you don't have a tree at your place

..to eat breakfast at 1 in the afternoon

..to listen to ONLY Christmas music most days

..to check your mail daily in hopes that your grandparents already sent your Christmas gifts

..to not be able to sleep when you're excited for the next day

..to make your Christmas wish list.. on Pinterest

..to wait a couple of days before returning emails

..to laugh 'til you cry at youtube videos

..to really want to get back into playing tennis

..to be excited to receive friends' Christmas cards in the mail

..to silence your phone when you sleep so you're not disturbed

..to want to change your nail polish the second you get one little chip

..to be dreading the dentist appointment you have next week

..to not watch scary movies because you live alone

What's OK with you? Come link up and share!


Holly said...

It's totally fine to eat breakfast that late...breakfast is my favorite meal! And I listen to Christmas music ALL day and nothing else, have been since before Thanksgiving :-P Haha it's such a good idea to make your Christmas list on Pinterest! Happy Thursday!

Heather said...

Breakfast is appropriate at all hours of the day and night.

meghan said...

girl you can eat breakfast whenever you want! it's never too late to enjoy some yummy morning food!

megs [at] Shine On

moderndaywife said...

I eat breakfast any time of day too haha :-) I do that with my nail polish chips drive me crazy!!!

Ashlee Miller said...

Youtube is the best pick me up. I love laughing till my gut hurts!

The Bases said...

I don't watch scary movies at all even though my husband loves them! I am a wuss! I totally want to play tennis! Did you used to play alot? I haven't ever really. I HATE the dentist too!!! :)

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I keep checking the mail in hopes of Christmas-related mail, too! :)

Marisa said...

i posted today... woot. i totally love all your Its OKs.. who doesnt love breakfast all day.. once i get a chip in my nail polish its on for the next color. ha

Meg C. said...

Breakfast is wayyy better at dinner time. Mr.C & I love a good brinner!!

Oh and my computer is also on the fritz - I feel your pain sistah!

Heather said...

I never, EVER watch scary movies...because I'm just a chicken in general :).

Becca Christensen said...

Your Christmas card from me is en route. : ] Woot woot.

Shelley said...

I love getting mail too! I hate scary movies!

Katie said...

Haha!! I absolutely have a Christmas list on pinterest! And I get upset when my chosen radio station plays a non-Christmas song. It's two weeks until Christmas, people!! No other songs allowed this time of year! Hahaha :)


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