It's OK Thursday #18

Mornin' ladies! I hope you all didn't go off and think Neely and I weren't doing It's OK this week because of our challenge. Y'all know we're consistent kinda girls!

Let's not waste anymore time.. LINK UP! :)

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to catch up on psychology homework during your language lab

..to also blog during language lab

..to be asking for a new laptop for Christmas, now it's infected with viruses, and I think it's just trying to die on me

..to think leftovers usually taste better than the first time you ate it

..to shop at TJ Maxx for some Christmas gifts because they have layaway

..to whine like a baby when new shoes give you blisters on your feet

..to have a cup of coffee while getting ready for work, then make your to-go cup :) - there's no such thing as too much coffee!

..to feel super accomplished in life when you have a spic-n-span kitchen

..to not mind doing laundry, unless it's towels. ugh, bane of my existence!

..to be saying "hallelujer!" (that's for you Ash!) that the semester is almost over

..to regret telling a co-worker you'll help them make a wreath

..to sometimes wish your job required you to dress up. I miss "business professional" dress code sometimes.

..to still have your Macy's $20 gift card you got from Klout Perks.. can't decide what to buy!

..to have insecurities and be unable to hide them sometimes

..to plan on "dieting" right before Christmas.. that way maybe I can pig out again!

What's OK with you this week? Come link up with us and share!


Cait said...

i still have my $20 to macys and im in the same boat haha

Jules said...

That Klout perk was pretty great. I hopped on the bandwagon for Klout way too late and now I'm playing catch-up.

I feel pretty good when the kitchen is super clean and leftovers are yummy!

Aubrey S. said...

Amen about the coffee!

Ashleigh said...

I got that gc from Klout too! Not sure what to buy... I wish we had a TJMAXX here.

Shia said...

I hate breaking in new shoes!!!

Marisa said...


Jennifer B said...

Sounds like you don't have much use for language lab haha

Jo Black said...

Hey Amber,
I posted my "It's OK" for today...



Becca Christensen said...

I like the multitasking in lab. : ]

I bought my first pair of uggs using tjmaxx layaway. : ]

Breanna said...

I totally feel you on the end of the semester being almost over! I am jumping for joy!


Erin said...

I still have my Macy's gift card too! It's ok!

meghan said...

That's so funny that you don't mine laundry except for towels, because I can't stand doing laundry except I don't mind towels because they're so easy to fold and don't have to be ironed!


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