Thankful for my hometown

Today, I'm linking up for the THANKful blog challenge because the topic pulled at my heartstrings a little. ;)

I grew up in a teeny tiny town in northeast Texas. Campbell, TX. So small, that we joke it's not even on the map!
Population WAS 549. I remember because the sign was right at the end of the road we lived on.

The 2000 census stated the population was up to 734.

My graduating class only had 20 people in it. My school was one big building grades K-12.

We all knew each other, our parents all knew each other, and we were all friends.

The neighboring city, Commerce, was where we did the majority of our hanging out, where I worked at Sonic, and where I first attended college.
These little bitty towns are where I made my memories.
It's where I made my best friends.
It's where I gained most all of my life experiences.
It's where I got a place of my own.

It's where I was confident enough to join a sorority.

It's where I got in trouble.
It's where I drank too much and had too much fun.

I said all my life how much I hated that town and how I couldn't wait to get out of it, and move onto "bigger and better things".

I am glad I moved on, but I will always have a little place in my heart for the little country town where everyone knows everybody else's business.


Ashleigh said...

WOW- you truly are a "small town" girl! i thought southlake/gvine was small!

Kate said...

20 people?! That's crazy small! I had 86 and thought that was tiny. :)

brittany johnson said...

i think its safe to say you live in a smaller town than I did. i'm a new follower and can't wait to read more!!

Jules said...

It's nice you were able to have that small town experience. It sounds like something out of Friday Night Lights (which I love!).

Caroline said...

I love this story! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

Meg O. said...

Well, I definitely have never heard of Campbell before. Haha. I kind of love small towns - I think they're fun (of course if they're close enough to a big city, which you were). What a sweet post. Sounds like a fun place to grow up!

Sam said...

Small towns are the greatest!

Simply Mily said...

wow that really is a small town!!!

Casey said...

Here from the THANKful challenge!

This is a very sweet post - I have a similar one about San Diego, where I spent my college days.

You really are from a small town - wow! My graduating high school class was 666 students! (And our mascot was the Diablo...very very odd.)

Nicole Rene said...

Awww, I hear ya! I feel like growing up its easy to take for grantEd the town you live in & think of how much cooler itd be to live elsewhere but like you I am so thankful for where I lived & will never forget it! What a cute link-up! :) have a great day!!


Katie said...

Wow, that IS small! I went to a small high school (75 people in my graduating class), and loved it. But, I'm glad to be in a bigger environment too.

Such a great post! :)

Meghan said...

20 people? Holy cow! It's so different from mine, but at the same time, I've always wondered what it was like to be a small town gal:)

meghan said...

That is a small town!! Did you know everyone's business too? I lived in a small town and we seemed to all know what everyone was doing (and we still kind of do).

Megan said...

Awwww, I love little small towns like that!! I have always wanted to live in one and raise kids in one!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! That is a small town. That makes me think of a movie called, Dancer Texas Pop. 71.


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