It's OK Thursday #16

Hi there lovelies! We're almost to Friday, so hang on!

Thanks so much to everyone who links up with Neely & I on Thursdays. We appreciate y'all SO much, and love hosting this link-up for y'all!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to take your laundry when you go visit your parents

..to go buy soup for your boyfriend when he's sick even though he claims he's fine

..to wish you had the capability to give yourself a shellac manicure

..to make enough for leftovers when cooking

..to take 3 hour naps

..to not be able to drink the same stuff you could when you were 21

..to have your key ready in hand to stab someone in the jugular when walking alone at night

..to google everything, and use it as your main source of learning new things

..to be ultra dorky and check out the "word of the day" on your dictionary app

..to re-load your Starbucks gift card every time you get paid

..to worry that you're repeating yourself sometimes on these posts ;)

..to hate the Cowboys because it means my boyfriend has to work on Thanksgiving

..to still cry at the end of "When Harry Met Sally" even though you've seen it a thousand times

..to eat a king size package of Twix

..to complain about being cold, but insist on sleeping with the fan on

Come link up with us and say what's OK with you! :)


Life With Lauren said...

I can't drink what i did at 21 either and I could use the 3 hour nap now!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Your Starbucks comment made me laugh! Because? I just put it in my budget that I could do $25 per paycheck on Starbucks - that's $50 a month! But I love it :-)

Boobies said...


Kelly said...

I would soooo do my laundry at my parents' house if I were close too ;-) Hahah, and I'm pretty sure that I've repeated a few "So Whats??" as well!

Angel said...

The Starbucks one made my day! I also cry at when harry met sally, and love some 3 hours naps. And Google rocks!

Heather said...

I don't think anyone can still drink the same as when they were 21!

Meg O. said...

Yes, it IS okay to take three hour naps.

Megan said...

I love "When Harry Met Sally"! I was just thinking about that movie today actually!

moderndaywife said...

I always make enough leftovers for my hubby to take to work the next day haha. I also can't drink like I did when I was 21 or take shots ha!

Shia said...

Hey I'm collecting buttons of my fave blogs...I'm going to post your blog button and your "It's Ok Thursdays" button. Feel free to grab mine if you want...no pressure...lol

Have you ever seen a VW key?? It is totally a weapon...I walk through the parking garage every night at work with that bad boy at attack mode...lol and it is TOTALLY OKAY to eat a King Size Twix!!!

♥ Shia

sarah said...

I totally walk with my keys ready to stab someone AND my phone ready to call for help!

and i watched a blog tutuorial on how to do a shellac on my own and it was wayyy to intense and way too many things to buy to get it done, super expsensive. i'd rathe pay the 25 they charge me at my nail place and do it every 3 weeks or so, if i can get it to last

krys said...

3 hour naps are amazing. and i definitely also walk with key in hand at night!

Jazmine said...

That's funny, I complain about it being cold but I also sleep with the fan on. lol.

I got a starbucks card and I havent actually put money in it. I'm going to soon. lol

Elena said...

thanks for hosting the link up :) my keys are the only form of weapon that I have when walking home from the library late at night!

Megan said...

I wish that I could do a Shellac on my own, too!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I use google for everything too!

Whitney said...

1. I just took a three hour nap today.

2. I google everything. It has all the answers :)

3. I hate being cold too, but I have to sleep with the fan on for the white noise.


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