It's OK Thursday #15

I got my power cord for my laptop in the mail yesterday!!!

So, now I'm back to writing blogs. I know you guys were totally concerned. ;)

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to call your mom crying when you don't feel good

..to let your mom come over to take care of you with said sickness

..to be contemplating giving giveaway winnings as Christmas gifts (I'm broke!)

..to have slept 18 hrs in the past 24 hours

..to not miss class because you have an exam <---I'm an overachiever

..to want to start the 2nd book in a quartet, but it's been so long since you finished the 1st you don't know if you should start over or not

..to be totally loving the weather right now. No A/C or heat on in the apt = super low electric bill

..to have gone out of the house only once yesterday - to check the mail for my birchbox

..to stretch your contacts out until they literally hurt (they're too expensive!)

..to consider waiting until after the 1st of the year for your root canal, when all of your dental benefits will be available

..to wait until you have no more clean undies or socks left to do laundry

..to kinda wish you were engaged or married so you could send out cutesy Christmas cards this year

..to go to bed right outta the shower without brushing your hair on rare occasions

..to want to buy 2 of everything you buy your swap partners so you can have one too!

..to be totally behind in looking for a new apartment when this current lease is up!

What's OK with you this week? Come link up with us!!! :)


Neely said...

Im sorry you havent been feeling well friend :( I love you!!!

Krystal said...

Girl - you can STILL send out cutesy cards! We weren't engaged and we sent out Christmas cards together. :)

tara said...

Bahaha I totally plan on giving some of my giveaway winnings as gifts!! Don't tell anyone!! :)

Michelle said...

Well...I am in desperate need of a root canal...and those things are expensive! So, yes! It is def. ok to wait until your benefits kick in!!! Hopefully it doesn't hurt!!! Mine is very painful. Going tomorrow....wish me luck.

Ashleigh said...

Really glad you are back, Amber! But not happy to hear you have been sick. Hang in there! tomorrow is friday! xoxo

Michelle P said...

I'm like you. When I'm sick, I'll call my mom and ask her if I can come over and if she'll make me comfort food.

Young and Fabulous said...

:( i hope you feel better girl!!

i would love to sleep 18/24 hours hahah thats like my DREAM right now!!

i plan on sending cutesy cards with my boyfriend this year and being silly bahaha! tis the season! ;-) (he might hate it haha)

its ok that i want to get a christmas tree NOW..even tho its 60 degrees here right now and thanksgiving hasnt hit!


Jennifer B said...

What book series are you talking about?? I'm always looking for something new!

Also, I hope you feel better soon! xoxo

moderndaywife said...

Hope you feel better soon girl!

Rebekah said...

I hope you feel better girl! I stretch out my contacts, too. I won't even tell you how long I've had this pair, but I'm thinking contacts will be part of my Christmas present this year. SO expensive!! And, you can totally send cards out even if you're not engaged/married!

Kiley said...

I'm so glad you got a cord again! I've missed you. :) :)

Love you, friend!

Vicki said...

Feel better! I'm brokez too :( and I hear ya on wanting to get 2 of everything cause you love what you got your swap partner LOL!

Jessica said...

Welcome back to the land of blogging!!! I hope you start feeling better soon! I agree with everything you wrote. Can I just repost your list as mine??

Definitely send out cutesy cards this year!

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Dawn Duddy said...

This is awesome! My niece Darcie of http://www.myoverflowingheart.blogspot.com sent me to check out your blog and I'm so glad I did!!! :) I'm loving going through everyone's posts in the linky and am now following quite a few. Thanks for this great linky! Dawn - http://www.thisbeautyisee.com

Rachel said...

I understand about being broke! I'm making a lot of my Christmas gifts this year! :/

And I totally relate to wanting to be married at Christmas time. I don't think people would care for a card from me with just my picture on it!!

Have a great one!


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

sucks when you got no power.....

as for birchbox...ahahahahaha me too! (ok that's not entirely true...i had to take the demons to walmart for some groceries i was lacking

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

When I was living by myself and got sick, I totally had my sister come pick me up and take me to my mama's house. I swear I started feeling better the minute I got there! haha

Meghan said...

I still call my mom when I don't feel well, even though my husband is amazing at taking care of me:)

Megan said...

I always call my mommy when I don't feel good! That's definitely okay!!


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