I've seen Jenn and other blog friends do this lots of times, and thought it looked like fun!

current book(s):
I just downloaded One Day by David Nicholls for my kindle this past weekend.

current playlist:
Dirty Laundry - Bittersweet
I Know You Want Me - Pitbull
Best of You - Foo Fighters
The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars
What's Up - 4 Non Blondes
The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
6th Avenue Heartache - The Wallflowers
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Warning - Incubus

current color:
do You Think I'm Tex-y? by OPI

current drink:

current food:
leftover chicken crispers from chili's

current favorite show:
Grey's Anatomy & Pretty Little Liars

current wishlist:
2 new tires, inspection, oil change, new windshield, car detailing

current needs:
a mani/pedi. yes I NEED those things. If you saw my nails, you'd agree.

current triumphs:
getting my booty back into school.. I'm so proud

current bane(s) of my existence:
the weather. I'd kill for some rain and less than 100 degrees.

current celebrity crush:
Ryan Gosling - hello gorgeous!

current #1 blessing:
the roof over my head & having the option to further my education

current indulgence:

current outfit:

current excitement:
trying out Bikram Yoga this morning. (will let you guys know how it goes!)

current mood:


Neely said...

So proud of you with school friend! cant wait to hear about it!!

Cait said...

great list girl :) def cant wait to hear about the school friends as well and i love r.gosling too- yum yum!

Jessica said...

ooh report back on how you like that book! I want to read it before I see the movie but have to finish The Help first. ha ha We know we're growing up when new tires, inspection, etc.. are on our wish lists!

Jennifer B said...

I would definitely love to hear your yoga recap. Specifically, do you have to have balance to be successful at yoga? Because I have none haha.

Michelle said...

Mmm.. Ryan Gosling! He's so hottttt! LOL

So proud of you with school! Good luck with your classes! xoxo

Kate said...

Ugh, I totally feel you on wanting car stuff. So annoying, expensive and BLAH. :)

Congrats on going back to school! That's great!

Becca Christensen said...

Loves it.

Ryan Gosling is so hot. And I'm obsessed with pretty little liars. Want to come over (to Tampa) and watch it with me tonight?! : ]

Heather said...

Great list!!

Ryan Gosling is very hot!
I can't get enough of Pretty little liars.

Jennifer said...

aww I wonder who else you're seeing with my link-up on their pages :(
did you link-up?

Love your polish and agree with your crush for sure!

star said...

Oh yes, Ryan Gosling is so HOT! I need a mani/pedi too!

Life With Lauren said...

love the nail polish! love the crystal light energy (wild strawberry) packets for my water so yummy and only 5 calories:)

Rebekah said...

Oh I almost downloaded One Day over the weekend but I didn't! I'm thinking I should though.

Ashleigh said...

I just downloaded One Day as well but I'm reading the help right now. Ryan Gosling has the body of a freaking god... Lol. Hope u enjoy bikram yoga and congrats on getting back in school!

Brunette & Blessed said...

let us know how the yoga goes...i'm very curious!

Heather said...

Prepare to love & hate One Day at the same time!

Also, I hated Bikram...I hope you like it better than I did!

And I too need a mani/pedi desperately!

moderndaywife said...

That nail polish is too cute! Yay PLL tonight!! :-)

[SMASH] said...

Ugh, I loooooove The Wallflowers. Their first album is one of my all-time faves!

Meg O. said...

Love that OPI color. Let's face it- OPI is better than Essie!! Haha. And I hope you have fun at Bikram! It's hard core and I loved it!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Congrats on school and feeling accomplished - that's awesome :)

I also have and love that nail polish! And I LOVE "The Way You Make Me Feel"!

Melanie said...

SOOO, your chicken crispers comment just stole my heart. That's all I eat when I go to Chiles. It's soooo delicious.

Ashley said...

Oh Ryan Gosling...love that boy!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm also reading One Day right now. I really like it so far!

Ashley said...

Very cute! I'm having a horrible time figuring out what to write about this week, so I'm stealing this idea! :)

Kerbi said...

I don't know how I haven't seen Pretty Little Liars yet!?!

Katie said...

Um, yes-- Ryan Gosling. Holy hotness. Bikram yoga is intense and awesome. Yay for you going back to school!! :)

Trish said...

Cute idea! And I'm seriously crushing on Ryan Gosling too!!


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