Who do you think you are to judge me?

Let me start out by saying that I'm not writing this post because I feel the need to explain myself.. I'm writing this post because I have a lot of things I need to get off my chest.

You guys know that I like to keep it light and sunshine-y here, but....

I am SO sick and tired of people questioning my relationship.

It's no one's business when we are going to move in together or get engaged.

What makes you think you can assume that we're not "going anywhere" or that we're afraid of commitment because we don't live together already?

And, for the record, there's nothing wrong with the fact that after almost 3 years together, we still don't live with one another.

We move at OUR pace, NOT yours, and if you don't like that, then that is your problem.

Our relationship is perfect, okay no one's relationship is perfect, but it is perfect for US, and that is all that matters.

Since day one we have done things on our time, not by the timing that society thinks we should do it.

We didn't say "I Love You" until we had been together for 10.5 months.


We take our relationship seriously, and that's one of the main reasons we take things slow.

We want to appreciate everything and KNOW that it's what we want before we rush into anything and regret it.

Rushing into things may work for everyone else, but from past experience, it doesn't work well with us.

We may usually only see each other on the weekends, and MAYBE if we're lucky, once during the week.

This does not mean that I'm his weekend fling or that he is mine.

It means that we know how to have "me time" and "friend time", Not just "us time". Which are very important things in a relationship, in my opinion.

Plus, we have totally different work schedules.

In saying that, I get along with my boyfriend probably better than I do anyone else.

We don't fight all that often, and if we do it's not over stupid petty things that one of us picked a fight about because we were irritated for no reason at all.

I also look forward to seeing him. It's fun and I still get the butterflies driving to his place on Fridays after work from not seeing him all week.

That's because my head isn't stuck up his ASS, and ya know what? THAT'S OKAY!

So, the next person to say, "If y'all haven't committed yet, then it's never going to happen" is going to get a swift kick in the ass.

You've been warned.

Disclaimer: On Monday, I'll be back to my cheery self. ;)


Just so you know..

If you cut me off and then slam on your brakes, I will pass you and yell obscenities to you from the inside of my car.

If you're rude to me or make a smart ass comment the 1st time we meet, I'll forever have an impression that you're just a mean person that I'd rather not associate with.

If you have a really cool accent that I don't hear a lot, I'm going to continue making conversation with you just so I can hear you talk.

If you forget about me on my birthday, but I'll never let you live it down.

If you make me laugh and are fun to be around, I'm going to always want to hang out with you.

If you judge people (I know everyone judges, I'm talking hardcore judging) before getting to know them, I'm going to wonder what you judged me about.

If you reply to the comments I leave on your blog posts, it'll make me wanna come back and visit more! :)

If you follow me on Twitter, but never actually interact with me, you're basically like a boring fake celebrity account to me.
If you make me dinner and I don't like it, I'm probably not going to want to eat your cooking again.

If you're hateful and then laugh about it like it was a joke, I'm still going to think you're hateful.

If you like drinking wine, eating junk food, and watching TV shows online, then I will want you to come over and hang out with me!

If you treat animals badly, I will wonder how you treat your significant other/child/friends.
If you ask me "what's wrong?" over and over, eventually I'm just going to make something up so that you'll leave me the hell alone.

If you don't use correct grammar, I will call you out on it.

If you are in good shape and work out on a regular basis, I'm going to ask you to be my trainer.
If we click at all, I'm going to automatically assume that we're best friends. ;)

If I go to a coffee shop and they occasionally give me my drink "on the house", I'll most likely only go to that one from now on.

Source: weheartit.com via Amber on Pinterest

If you can pull off a certain style that I can't, I'm going to be utterly jealous of you.

If you give me a book, I'm most likely going to give it away/sell it to Half Price Books after I read it.

If you ask me for my advice, and repeatedly do NOT take it, I'm going to stop offering my advice to you.

If you follow my blog, I LOVE YOU! ;)


What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm LOVING.. that Nate got me the kindle I've been asking for since Christmas for my birthday! :)

It hadn't made it to his apartment by yesterday, so he printed off the order confirmation and put it in my card! :) I will hopefully have it by this weekend when I get to his place!

Now that I have a kindle, I'm LOVING.. the kindle cases for sale over at Gussy Sews. She makes the cutest stuff. I can't wait to add to my collection. Here's a few of my favorite kindle cases..

I'm LOVING.. all the love that I got yesterday for my birthday. You guys rock and seriously make me so happy that I can call you all my friends!

I'm LOVING.. working on projects with Neely! Stay tuned!

I'm LOVING.. putting myself to sleep by drinking wine at night.

I'm LOVING.. the following giveaways hosted by my fab friends!

Jenn at Munchkin Land Designs (who just so happened to design my blog!) is having a 2 year giveaway! Go check it out for a chance to win many great prizes!

Kerbi at So Are You to Me is having a blogiversary giveaway of all of her favorite things!

Ashley at Ashley's Carnival Ride is having a giveaway of some super cute accessories for hitting 200 followers!

Now, go check these ladies out! :)


I'm the birthday girl :)

Happiest of birthdays to ME! :)

Today is my 24th birthday (I know, I'm just a little baby!) so far, it's been a great birthday (we celebrated this weekend).

Saturday during the day, my friend B took me out to lunch and we went and had mani/pedi girl time and went shopping. I also cashed in my free Starbucks drink coupon. Score!

Nate napping while us girls got ready ;)

Saturday night, we went out to dinner with some friends at Buca di Beppo, which I've always wanted to try but never had until last night and oh.my.god. I'll definitely be back.

Casey and Tori
Brittley and Crystal
Me and my handsome man!
Me with the GIANT brownie they served us.

Trying to sing along with the staff when they sang "happy birthday"

Me and my super sweet friend Holly

After we were all full to the brim with Italian deliciousness, we headed out to a karaoke bar where Neely and Chad met up with us.

Me and my baby sistah being silly

The birthday girl herself ;)

Love my little sis!

Me and Neely! :)

I didn't wake up this morning with a hangover, so I'd call it a success. Or wait.. maybe I'm just getting old. ;)


It's okay!

I may have borrowed this idea from Neely.. I couldn't help myself. It's such a fun concept!


..to not do your makeup for the day until you get in the car. The lighting is better out there!

..to wish your monthly visitor would hurry up and come so you'll be outta your bitchy funk sooner than later (TMI!) ;)

..to hate wearing socks but when you do wear them, they have colorful designs on them

..if you throw your hair in a ponytail more often than not because no one at work cares what you look like

..to crave Chipotle on a daily basis

..to pluck your own eyebrows more than you get them waxed because you're afraid the lady at the salon is gonna make them as thin as hers are

..to go out and buy new clothes even though you still have stuff with tags on them in your closet

..if you get a little stressed out when your google reader goes over 100

..to enjoy talking to your twitter/blog friends more than your IRL friends some days

..to check your mail everyday the week of your birthday in hopes for goodies!

..to make silly faces at yourself in the mirror in order to entertain yourself

..to get on Pinterest to look for one specific thing and end up staying on there for hours

..to wish the entire week away, but hope that time slows down on the weekends


Amber gets crafty

I collect corks from wine bottles.

It's just what I do. It's fun, and a way to keep track of all the neat bottles you've drank without saving the actual bottle.

My boyfriend's mom also collect corks, and had A LOT saved up. She had planned on making me a corkboard with them, but with moving and whatnot, she never got around to doing it.

Sooo, she gave me the stuff to do it! :)

Arrange the corks to fit..

I made sure the designs/words were showing on each cork..

I wish I had taken pics of everything step by step - but I didn't. :(

P.S. You can actually stick thumb tacks into the corks, so it really can be used as a corkboard.

Wanna make your own?

Here's what you'll need:
A coffee table tray (got mine at World Market)
Plenty of wine corks
Super glue gun w/ glue

It was a bit time consuming, (only an hour) but it was fun. I don't get crafty often, so it was enjoyable for me to see the finished product of something that I actually sat down and made.

I've already got a couple people in mind that I would like to make one for, so I guess I better get to drinking more wine! ;)


Wicky, wicky weekend recap

That was my attempt at rapping.. moving on!

This past weekend was the weekend that Nate's parents moved to Montana. To say it was tough to say goodbye is an understatement. They left early Saturday morning, so we (me, Nate, his step-brother and Nate's BFF) stayed at the hotel they stayed in on Friday night.

When I got to the hotel on Friday after work, our good friends were there with their 5 month old baby, and she is SO sweet. She's gotten so big since we saw her back in February right after she was born.

Such a happy baby, and she loved Nate!

Friday night, we went out to dinner with lots of their close friends from the neighborhood and we had a good time. Until it came time to leave and everyone was saying goodbye. The tears started coming from everyone, and it made me sad to see the group telling them how much they'd miss them.

We headed back to the hotel to have some drinks, talk, laugh, take pictures and just hang out for the last night we'd be all together in Texas. I also loved on JJ a lot. She's their yorkie who I'm going to miss SO much!

Is she not the cutest thing?

We called it an early night since they were going to be leaving bright and early Saturday morning, and we were getting up to help them get stuff outta the hotel room and say goodbye ourselves.

Saturday morning was so surreal. There were plenty of tears shed from all of us. Nate's mom said she didn't even have to ask me to take care of him for her because she knows that I already do a good job. :)

We headed back to the room and tried to get in a little more sleep before we had to leave.

None of us were sleeping that good, so we got up to take in my favorite part of staying in a hotel.. the continental breakfast! :)

The waffle maker was in the shape of Texas. Loved it!

After check out, we headed back to Nate's place to chill and watch TV for a little bit. Around lunchtime, we decided to head out to Fuzzy Tacos (so yummy!) They have tables with tops on them that you can slide business cards into. Pretty cool.

I did a little advertising ;)

After we ate, Nate and Chris decided they wanted to go by Best Buy. (I've realized this is like man heaven) Nate has been going back and forth on whether or not he should get a PS3, and he finally decided he was going to do it. However, we soon found out that this Best Buy was out of stock. The closest one was a good 20 minutes away.

I had him drop me off at the apartment (it was on the way) because I was tired and didn't feel like making the trek to go buy something that isn't going to benefit me anyway. I dropped plenty of hints that I still want a kindle though. ;)

He described his excitement as "it's like bringing home a newborn from the hospital"... MEN! ;)

Since I knew that I was going to be ignored for the rest of the night, I took it upon myself to get a little crafty. I had a lot of fun, and I'll blog more on that later this week.

I also watched the "My Strange Addiction" marathon that was on TLC. Have any of you watched this show? It's ri-damn-diculous, but I can't stop watching.

We woke up yesterday and grabbed lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, where it was insanely packed due to the fact that everyone was there to watch the World Cup. We stayed until half time, then headed back to Nate's apartment to finish the game.

I guess we got bored, because we decided to count all of the beer caps that Nate has in this canister. I don't know why, but we always save them when we drink a beer.

I'm going to have to find something creative to do for him with all these.

Final count was 155.

That was our weekend in a wrap! How was yours?

Easy Canvas Prints GIVEAWAY!

Canvas Prints

When I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints, I was very excited to get the opportunity to receive a canvas of my own and also, to give one away to one of my lucky readers.

I always have a hard time finding cute & creative ways to display my pictures around my apartment. What better way than to put one on a canvas?

I chose a picture of me, my little sister and our best friend Jillian who is like a sister to us.

I also chose a mirror image for my border, to "wrap around" the canvas.

Navigating around on their website to make your canvas is very simple. I also received my canvas within 3 days of ordering in sturdy packaging so that there was no damage to my canvas. I'd definitely use them again!

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Birthday Wish List

The fact that my birthday is next Monday, the 25th, I feel compelled to write out my wish list. Just in case Nate or any of my family read the ol' blog in secret. ;)


And if I don't get that, I'd like some good books of my taste

Gift cards - Starbucks, Scrubs & Beyond, Chipotle, Target, Victoria's Secret, etc.

Good wine with cute labels


Littman stethoscope

Clothes and jewelry

Picture frames

And some far fetched things I'd like eventually:
A new windsheild



Cable - HAHA!


Old habits die hard

Over at My Twenties Blog this month the ladies are talking about habits. It got me thinking about the little things I do on a regular basis.

At first, I didn't think I did anything out of the ordinary, but the more I thought - the more weird I realized I actually am. ;)

I have a horrible habit of picking at my nails. BUT only if they aren't filed or one broke. I was once a nail biter, I've since quit that nasty habit only to pick up picking my nails instead.

I like for the papers on my desk to be completely lined up. You can't just throw it there, it's got to be straight. Irks the crap outta me.

If I touch the left side of my face or body, I immediately have to touch the right side as well, so I can feel even.

I check to make sure my doors are locked AT LEAST 4 times before I go to bed for the night. Hey, I gotta protect myself. ;)

I also make sure my stove isn't on.. even if I haven't used it that day. God forbid my apartment burn down in the middle of the night.

I crack my knuckles like it's nobody's business. It's an awful habit and the noise drives Nate crazy, as well as other people too, I'm sure.

I have a habit of correcting people (mainly my little sister) who use the wrong grammar when speaking.

I always put the volume on my radio or TV at an even number.

I have a habit of alphabetizing everything. Magazines, DVDs, books - and I've been known to randomly alphabetize the CDs at Walmart, if I'm THAT bored. ;)

I'm sure there's plenty more, but here's a few. I hope you still wanna be friends!


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