Weekend Recap

This past weekend was quite eventful & luckily I got lots of pictures to prove it and to share with you guys!

As you all know from me sharing in past blog posts and on Twitter, Friday night was Nate's mom's 50th birthday. So, after work I headed out to their place for birthday party shenanigans.

I got there in just enough time to change and have her open my gift before the limo showed up. (we went all out, hey! you only turn 50 once! ;))

So, all 16 of us pile in and head on our way to the Ft. Worth Stockyards. Yee-Haw! HAHA! ;)

We made it to Cooper's BBQ for dinner a little tipsy, and had the BEST bbq I've ever eaten. I was sooo full it was ridiculous. Afterwards, we headed to a saloon style bar called H3 for a few drinks where I snapped a few more pics.

Some of the girls just hangin' at the bar

And to think, I'm usually yelling at him for not being serious in the pictures...

Whoa, bitch face! Me & Nate's step brother.

Nate & his sweet mama :) Love these two

Awesome stools that were like saddles, loved it!

After we tabbed out, we went right across the street to The White Elephant for more drinks and lots of two-stepping. But first, we had to tell the guys singing to do a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for the birthday girl, of course!

She totally got into it..

The dance floor was pretty small, but none of us really minded because we were the only ones really dancing anyway! ;)

Creepy guy handing out roses while we were dancing.

So cute, two steppin' with his mama.

Nate's mom & step dad.

Nate with his 2 favorite girls!

Around 11, we were all pretty lit and our time was up with the limo, so we headed home to finish the party and had cake!

It was such a blast, and the next morning everyone was moving pretty slow. ;) So needless to say, Saturday we vegged and stayed indoors watching movies for the most part of the day. It was nice to be lazy and not have any plans.

On Sunday, Nate had to work, so I left his place early and came home and laid out by the pool and swam all afternoon.

I feel as if I've reverted back to my 16 year old self, and I'm obsessed with being tan again. Don't worry friends, I'm using plenty of sunscreen. :)

We had tickets to the Mavs watch party at the American Airlines Center, so I had to get outta the pool/sun and get ready for that.

What a BLAST that was!!!

Look at this, you'd think this was a home game!

Me & my sweet boy :)

Things got a little re-dirk-ulous ;)

All I wanted was a pic of the big screen, and I got Dwayne Wade running his mouth on TV.. figures!

It was SO much fun, and the Mavs made history! What a year for sports here in Dallas!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, too!

P.S. Why have you not entered my giveaway yet?! :)


Neely said...

We totes tried to avoid downtown at all cost! Im glad yall went and had fun. My dad had 2 tix but I said no haha. We went to Fox and Hound it was Re dirk ulous there too :)

Heather said...

That is awesome that you were at the American Airlines Center!! We saw it on TV a few times during the game and it looked like a madhouse.

Sounds like a fun and successful weekend!

tara said...

Haha! His mom's bday looked like SO much fun!

Michelle said...

I love that your close with Nate's mom! Looks like a great 50th Birthday Celebration! That's so cool you were at the watch game! That's awesome! It was a great game!

xo Michelle @ A Little Bit of This & That

Meghan said...

It looks like SUCH a fun celebration!

moderndaywife said...

How fun! What a great time it looks like you all had :-)

Nicole said...

Maybe if Nate was lit in the serious face photo... maybe that's the key... get him lit the next time you want a serious face :)

[SMASH] said...

Aww birthday fun -- looks like everyone had a fun time! And I spy the Red Sox cap -- Yeah! :)

Angela said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! I wish I knew someone with a pool so that I could spend a day lounging around it :)

-♥- lauren said...

first: i love your "bitch face, whoa" haha. i'm notorious for my bitch face. go figs.

second: i'm a heat fan :/ last night blew! i feel so bad for lebron. he is too young to be getting sooooo much (most of it unnecessary) shit from everyone. HOWEVER, if they had to lose to anyone, i'm glad it was a team like the mavs. they deserve a ring!

and if i haven't told you how much i love your blog design, it's fab!


Meagan said...

What a fun weekend! Re-dirk-ulous! Love it!

Savanah said...

Looks like y'all had so much fun at the b-day party! We eat at H3 all the time!

Ashley said...

Fun weekend!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like a super fun weekend. I've never seen a stool be a saddle!!

Meg O. said...

What fun photos! I LOLed at the "whoa bitch face!" And yay for the mavs game! I see Nate is reppin' a Boston Red Sox hat - Greg would be proud :)


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