Top 5 Thursday - 4th of July traditions!

Hey y'all! Today I'm linking up with my girl Meghan for her Thursday link-up, Top 5 Thursdays.

Today's topic is 4th of July traditions. I helped her compile a list of topics, so hopefully she'll host the link-up for the next few weeks. ;)

I don't necessarily have any "traditions" but I'm going to name 5 of my fave things to do this fabulous weekend.

1. Celebrate the boyfriend's birthday with our friends.

2. Swim/layout/work on my tan.

3. Ooooh and Ahhhh over fireworks like I've never seen them before.

4. Cook out/BBQ with family and friends

5. Remind everyone that on 4th of July it's exactly 3 weeks until my birthday ;)

I promise that by the time my birthday rolls around, you guys will be sick of me talking about it, HA!

What are some of your traditions? Go link up with Meghan! :)


What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Good morning sweet friends! Hope you're all having a fabulous week & having plenty of love to share today. :)

I'm LOVING.. that this is a 3 day weekend because it's 4th of July, woooo!

I'm LOVING.. that this weekend it will officially be my birthday month. What? You don't tell people it's your birthday MONTH? ;)

I'm LOVING.. the baseball game we're going to on Friday. Goooo Rangers!

I'm LOVING.. Pinterest when I actually get on it. It's fun making different boards for different pins. For example.. my wedding ideas board, yeaaah I'm not anywhere near engaged. It's still fun! :)

Speaking of, I'm LOVING.. this pin right here: true story right there my friends!

I'm LOVING.. my job. I get such satisfaction from it each and every day. Plus, it's awesome being so busy that I don't have any time to look at the clock. Once I'm done with all my stuff, I see the clock and it's time to go. Love it!

I'm LOVING.. my amazing boyfriend whose birthday is FRIDAY! :) We're gonna have such a fun weekend. Can't wait!

What do you LOVE today?


Lubbock Wedding Recap

I know that I normally do my weekend/out of town recaps on the following Monday, but obviously I was too busy, preoccupied or something this week because I totally forgot until Nate practically begged me last night to put the pictures up on Facebook.

Oh yeaaaah! I guess I should blog too! :)

We woke up bright & early Friday morning to head to Lubbock for the weekend, but not without stopping at Starbucks first! Of course we hit some traffic (I told him we should've left earlier!) ;)

Let's get this show on the road!

Is this some kind of a cruel joke?!

We made it! Me on the comfy hotel bed :)

Friday night was the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner which was at Cagle's Steakhouse. Holy deliciousness! The steak was as big as my face.. see for yourself!

See what I mean?

Afterwards, we headed back to the bride & groom's place for some drinks & hanging out. It ended up being a VERY long night. Meaning I fell asleep on the couch while Nate stayed out reminiscing until almost 3 am.

What can I say? He hadn't seen some of those guys in almost 3 years! I couldn't be THAT girlfriend! ;)

Saturday morning, we went and looked around some of the shops surrounding the hotel. They were all new to Nate because it had only been built 2 years ago.

We also took a tour of the Texas Tech campus. He should me the buildings he had classes in, and the infamous apartment they always talk about. It was a lot of fun going down memory lane with him.

Before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding, we stopped at Lubbock's finest - Spanky's!

Best cheesesticks ever, I kid you not!

After getting all dolled up with my gorgeous boy toy, we were off to the bride's parents' place for some pre-wedding shenanigans. Nate was in charge of the music for the wedding & he was also an usher.

Aren't we cute?

Here's a few of my favorites from the wedding/reception.. which by the way was outdoor in the 103 degree heat. Not kidding. I almost died.

Watching his bride walk down the aisle.

She was fighting back tears the whole time!

Right after being pronounced husband & wife, SO adorable!

Table centerpieces, which the wind later ripped off the tables..

Love our sweet friends!

Best friends forevah!

Everyone had a blast! It was a pretty wedding, the bride & groom had a lot of fun & they are a couple that will totally last. :)

Congrats guys, glad we could be a part of your special day.. hope you're enjoying Mexico! Love y'all!


What I LURVE Wednesday!

Today I'm LOVING.. my guest post over at Meg's blog! Go check it out! :)

I'm LOVING.. my week-long break from my patients. (I do NOT mean that rudely!) My DR is out this week, which means I don't have to nurse this week - I've been in the lab. It's so much fun in there!

I'm LOVING.. date night with a few of my fave girls tonight.. Neely, Kiley & Laura at The BEE! (Best Enchiladaria Ever) for a late celebration for Laura's birthday :)

I'm LOVING.. the concert that Jack FM (radio station Nate works for) is putting on this weekend. All 80s cover bands, I'm in!

I'm LOVING.. shows like Intervention, Obsessed & Hoarders. Is it a psychological thing? Probably. But I'm insanely curious with these people and their lives.

I'm LOVING.. that even on mornings when I sleep in too late to stop and grab coffee, there's always some made at work. It's always really good too! :)

I'm LOVING.. buying things for other people. It may make my bank account sad, but it makes my heart happy!

Happy hump day, my lovelies!


For the strongest man I know..

It's father's day!

I love my daddy with all my heart and soul, and he's proven to me and my siblings that as long as he's got a breath in his body, he's going to do what he can to make sure we have what we need.

He's been through hell and back, and it's only made him (and the rest of our family) stronger.

People constantly tell me how much I look like him, and how I act just like him. I got his temper, and I'm hard-headed like him, and I just smile because I don't mind one bit if I'm like him.

My daddy hasn't always been this way, you see.. when I was a kid I grew up with an alcoholic for a dad. It was very hard to watch him & my mom fight on an hourly basis because he was drunk every minute of every day.

He'd promise to get help and never did. It took my mom breaking down & taking us kids to Pennsylvania (where she's from) before he got any help. It wasn't soon after that he started back up again. It was a vicious cycle.

Eventually when I was in junior high, he stopped drinking and started attending AA meetings. We were all so proud of him, but the fighting between our parents never stopped.. I think because my mom resented him so much for all he put us through.

My dad has relapsed twice since then, but has now been sober for 2 years.

I know that not a lot of people would forgive a parent for something like this, but I have. My dad never did anything to hurt ME. Sure, it probably caused some damage.. but I was never abused and I never felt like my parents didn't love me.

My dad is one of the best men I know, and I know he'll ALWAYS put me and my siblings first in his life. He made that promise to us this last time he became sober. It was the first time we heard those words.


Greetings from the LBK!

Depending on what time of the day you read this, I may be on my way to Lubbock, TX or I may already be there!

Nate & I are attending a wedding of one of his very best friends that he met in college while attending Texas Tech University. Wreck 'Em! (I'm forced to be a fan as well!) ;) I do watch every single one of their football games each season!

I've been to Lubbock quite a few times already. I went a lot in high school.. one of my best friends had grown up there and her grandparents still lived there. I went with her to visit a lot.

I know going with a Tech alum with be a whole different ball game though. Especially since he wants to make a trip to the campus and show me around, and see what's changed since he went to school, if anything.

I'm just excited to get away for the weekend for a fun little road trip with my love. We do good together on the road. He drives the whole time (because he says I'm not a good driver, whatevs!) and I just talk away about anything and everything. Oh, and we play the license plate game! :)

Hope you guys have a FUN weekend!


Allow me to introduce myself..

Today I'm linking up with one of the sweetest bloggers EVER, Michelle over at a little bit of this & that for a link-up she created called Meet & Greet - Blog Edition.

When she created this, the idea she had was so that we would all find new blogs & mingle with one another. We all love the blog world and have made tons of fabulous friends, right? So why not make more?

If you're new here, let me tell you a little about myself. If you're not new here, well then shut up and listen because you love me! ;)

Brunch with Amber was created in June 2010 and was originally named A Day in the Life of Amber. One day, while bored at work, I stumbled across a blog and thought to myself, "Wow, how cool is this? I could totally do this too!" And so it began.. my everyday obsession. I could not imagine a life without my pretty little blog or all of the amazing friends that came with this blog. So thanks random blog, I wish I had remembered who you were so I could give you proper credit! :)

Here at Brunch with Amber I don't blog about certain topics. I blog about whatever pops into my fast paced, anxiety stricken, 90 mile a minute brain. I love coffee, wine, friends & family and my super hot boyfriend, so you'll probably hear about those things a lot.

Posts that will allow you to get to know me better:
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Posts that are my personal favorites:
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Posts that are deemed "popular":
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Also, if you'd like to see what people type in to the search engines and it brings them to my blog, you can go see my Google say whaaat?! post.

It's quite interesting if I do say so myself.

If you like what you see here at Brunch with Amber, follow me and I promise you'll love me! :)


And this is what I'm lovin'

Happy hump day y'all. Except for today is my Thursday, yep tomorrow is my Friday. Okay, that was mean. ;)

Today, I've got plenty of love to share, so let's get started!

I'm LOVING.. the giveaway that I'm hosting and how many entries I've got so far! It reminds me all the time why I blog & why I love it. :) Have you entered yet?!

I'm LOVING.. that after me & my best friend get off work today, we're off to get pedicures. We don't always get to do stuff like this because she's got a little one, so we sure do enjoy girl time when we get it! :)

We were only 19 in this pic, (and drinking, hey we grew up in a VERY small town) but it's one of my faves! :)

I'm LOVING.. my sweet Daddio, who texts me every morning to tell me how much I mean to him and to have a good day! I'll be coming home from out of town ON Father's Day, but I'll be sure to spend time with him, and I'm hoping to find something extra special for him.

I'm LOVING.. that I can finally say, "My birthday is next month" - holla! Oh, and Nate's is in a couple of weeks. I gotta figure something out for that too. (Why do I procrastinate when it comes to gifts?!)

I'm LOVING.. that I won Star's giveaway and got a copy of Kori's book "Murder on the Boulevard" - I can't wait to receive it and start reading it ASAP! :)

What are you guys LOVING this week?


Weekend Recap

This past weekend was quite eventful & luckily I got lots of pictures to prove it and to share with you guys!

As you all know from me sharing in past blog posts and on Twitter, Friday night was Nate's mom's 50th birthday. So, after work I headed out to their place for birthday party shenanigans.

I got there in just enough time to change and have her open my gift before the limo showed up. (we went all out, hey! you only turn 50 once! ;))

So, all 16 of us pile in and head on our way to the Ft. Worth Stockyards. Yee-Haw! HAHA! ;)

We made it to Cooper's BBQ for dinner a little tipsy, and had the BEST bbq I've ever eaten. I was sooo full it was ridiculous. Afterwards, we headed to a saloon style bar called H3 for a few drinks where I snapped a few more pics.

Some of the girls just hangin' at the bar

And to think, I'm usually yelling at him for not being serious in the pictures...

Whoa, bitch face! Me & Nate's step brother.

Nate & his sweet mama :) Love these two

Awesome stools that were like saddles, loved it!

After we tabbed out, we went right across the street to The White Elephant for more drinks and lots of two-stepping. But first, we had to tell the guys singing to do a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for the birthday girl, of course!

She totally got into it..

The dance floor was pretty small, but none of us really minded because we were the only ones really dancing anyway! ;)

Creepy guy handing out roses while we were dancing.

So cute, two steppin' with his mama.

Nate's mom & step dad.

Nate with his 2 favorite girls!

Around 11, we were all pretty lit and our time was up with the limo, so we headed home to finish the party and had cake!

It was such a blast, and the next morning everyone was moving pretty slow. ;) So needless to say, Saturday we vegged and stayed indoors watching movies for the most part of the day. It was nice to be lazy and not have any plans.

On Sunday, Nate had to work, so I left his place early and came home and laid out by the pool and swam all afternoon.

I feel as if I've reverted back to my 16 year old self, and I'm obsessed with being tan again. Don't worry friends, I'm using plenty of sunscreen. :)

We had tickets to the Mavs watch party at the American Airlines Center, so I had to get outta the pool/sun and get ready for that.

What a BLAST that was!!!

Look at this, you'd think this was a home game!

Me & my sweet boy :)

Things got a little re-dirk-ulous ;)

All I wanted was a pic of the big screen, and I got Dwayne Wade running his mouth on TV.. figures!

It was SO much fun, and the Mavs made history! What a year for sports here in Dallas!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, too!

P.S. Why have you not entered my giveaway yet?! :)


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