Just another Manic Monday..

..wish it was Sunday, ohhh ooooh! That song will be in my head all day now.

Operation "let's hope my sunburn dies down a little by Monday so no one at work notices" - MAJOR FAIL!

Every co-worker I have has made a comment so far. Fabulous.

Today, I am the featured blogger over at
Pink, Pearls & Polka Dots for her "Nice to Meet you Monday" segment. Go check it out! :)

While you're reading her blog, I'll leave you with the ABCs of ME! Which is something I've seen a few of my blog friends do on their blog.. seemed fun, so why not?!

{a} age; 23
{b} bed size; Full, I want a king though, I like to have a TON of space. Plus, Nate says I always end up in the middle of the bed anyway.
{c} chore you hate; I'm a fan of cleaning, but I do hate mopping. It hurts my back.
{d} dogs; None, unfortunately. But I'd love a Chorkie (chihuahua/yorkie) or a Dorkie (daschund/yorkie) is that not adorable?!
{e} essential start to your day; COFFEE!
{f} favorite color; Red.. it's such a passionate, bold color.
{g} gold or silver; Silver definitely, or I could do white gold.
{h} height; 4'11".. don't make fun! ;)
{i} instruments you play; None.. I'm not at all musically inclined. Sadly.. I'd love to play the piano though.
{j} job title; Medical Assistant.
{k} kids; None!
{l} live; Like, where I live? Dallas!
{m} mom's name; Cheryl
{n} nicknames; Am, Ambi, Bambam, Shorty, Ber, Ambone, Knickerbocker - the list goes on and on!
{o} overnight hospital stays; I had an ovarian cyst rupture, and had to stay 2 nights once.. it sucked.
{p} pet peeve; I have a lot.. :-/ sorry, I'm easily irritated, so I won't list them all, I'll just name my biggest one and that is people who interrupt me when I'm talking. It's so rude, and it's something I expect a child to do, NOT an adult!
{q} quote from a movie; John Bender: Well, Brian, this is a very nutritious lunch. All the food groups are represented. Did your mom marry Mr. Rogers?
Brian Johnson: Uh, no. Mr. Johnson. - The Breakfast Club, my #1 fave movie of ALL TIME! :)
{r} right- or left-handed; Right!
{s} siblings; I am in the middle. One older half sister, one older half brother and a little sister. :)
{t} time you wake up; On the weekdays - around 7. On the weekends - between 10 and 11. I value my sleep, and could sleep all day if people let me.
{u} underwear; Victoria's Secret, please.
{v} vegetables you dislike; Squash, yuck! Do mushrooms count as veggies? If so, I hate those too. Most veggies I like raw, but do not like cooked or steamed.
{w} what makes you run late; Just procrastinating for no reason. For example, when my alarm goes off, I grab my phone, and check twitter/facebook/blogger on my phone and lay in my comfy bed, and not realize how much time has passed. Little things like that.
{x} x-rays you've had; Teeth, chest, ankle, collar bone, orbit (cheekbone area), fingers.

{y} yummy food you make; I make a mean spaghetti! ;)
{z} zoo - favorite animal; Little lap doggies! :) As long as they're hypo-allergenic. I sneeze and get all itchy at their dander, yuck!


Heather said...

I hate mushrooms too! I think they're a veggie. I count them anyway.

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

Ugh Ovarian cysts are the worst... I once had one as big as a grapefruit, it was aweful!
You're 4'11? I'm almost 6'3, if we ever meet we totally have to get a back to back picture :)
And a dorkie is the cutest breed name ever!! Happy Monday and I hope your burn goes down, thats the worst... :)

Neely said...

23....you make me feel old! :)

Kate Weber said...

I didn't even know Dorkies existed until right now! Genius! My two favorite dogs combined into one adorable puppy! I love it!

Sam said...

Wowzers, we have a lot in common! And let me just say, I had NO idea you were 4'11"! Your pictures definitely make you look tall! I'm only 5' though, so I feel your pain.

Red is my favorite too, I'm *almost* a medical assistant, love silver/white gold, and I'm in the middle b/w an holder half-sibling and younger full sibling. :D

p.s. LOVE "dorkies" hahaha, great name :)

Amanda* said...

This is amazing! I just might follow in your foot steps! :)

Stephanie the PW said...

Coworkers really know how to annoy... one day, I skipped eyeliner for whatever reason, and every single person in the building asked me if i was sick! WTF?

I hope your week is going well, darling!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Every Monday, my local radio station plays that song on the commute and it's stuck in my head ALL day!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I'm 4'11" too!! YAY :)

Meg O. said...

I am not a fan of mushrooms, either! I'll tolerate it if they're in something or on top of pizza, but that's about it. I like the flavor they give to other things but not the texture. I don't know why. Great post and congrats on being featured!

[SMASH] said...

Haha great quote from The Breakfast Club. Now I feel like I need to watch it.

Also, I like your blog.


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