What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's that time! I'm linking up with Jamie. I love Wednesday for this reason. ;)

Get ready, I've got lots of lovin' this Wednesday!

I'm LOVING that I got another "snow day" off from work today. Yes, people it barely iced in Dallas, and I got off of work. Well, okay we did get a good amount of sleet and ice, but not really any snow. BUT our office was closed. I'm spending it with Starbucks and my best friend. Nothing could be better! :)

I'm LOVING that on my drive over here I listened to *NSync's first album. It was so much fun jammin' out in my car, and all of the memories flooding back from late elementary school. ;)

I'm LOVING that 2, yep TWO of my friends in real life have blogs! And I would love to share their blogs with you guys so that they can gain some followers. I happen to think that I have some of THE BEST followers, and yes maybe I'm a little biased. ;) Anyway, on to the introductions!

First up is Ashleigh at
The Bowers. I've known this girl going on almost 3 years. Funny story, the way we met actually. My current boyfriend was her high school sweetheart. ;) HA! No hard feelings, she's got a fabulous husband (who's wedding the BF and I both attended) and an 8 month old precious baby girl. She blogs about being an a stay at home mom, army wife, soon to be a single army wife (but not getting a divorce, she made me mention that, HA!) Her husband is possibly getting deployed soon. She also posts delicious recipes from time to time! Go visit her, follow her, and let her know I sent you.

Next up is Stephanie at
Breakfast at Stephanie's. This is my very best friend, EVAH! We've been best friends since we met 15 years ago. She literally just started her blog yesterday, but don't worry, if you follow her, she will be consistant. She's an open book, and finds writing/blogging/journaling very therapeutic. She will be writing about her daily life with her precious 5 year old, crazy, silly boyfriend and other significant events. So, go now. Visit her, follow her, and tell her I sent ya! :)

I'm LOVING the valentine's day blog challenge that's on-going right now with
Neely, Sam, and Courtney. It's been so much fun, and I can't wait to get my package from my blog swap partner, Laura! :)

I'm LOVING that I am finally getting the keys to my apartment tomorrow. Yes, I know I said this last week. I don't want to talk about it. It would get me all worked up and pissed off. I got into it with the apartment people, and they picked the wrong week of the month to f*ck me over, if ya catch my drift. ;)

Last but certainly not least, I'm LOVING this sweet man as always -


Julia said...

I have two real life blog friends but they do not blog consistently.. :( I'm going to go check out those new blogs! :) Happy Snow Day!

meghan said...

Congratulations on your apartment tomorrow! That's super exciting...I know you've been waiting on it for a while now! I have one friend with a real life blog, but she's a lawyer and her blog is about politics and high intellect stuff that sometimes overwhelms me. I feel like I'm reading the economist and Vanity Fair at the same time. I still read it, but sometimes I just don't get her jokes because I don't understand the reference. Ha!

Thanks for your so sweet comment! You're awesome too, and I just can't believe how consistent and personal you are on commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it!

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

Oh wow! Nsync! Goodness that seems like such a lifetime ago! I was certain I was going to marry Justin. Funny, now he just isn't the same to me!

Happy Wed!
-Many Smiles!

Heather said...

Oh wow! I was totally jamming to some Backstreet Boys earlier this week. I really want to see the NKOTB-BSB tour.

Mama Hen said...

That is so exciting about your apartment! I love snow days! I will go check out your friend's blogs. I hope you are doing well Amber. Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Emilymud said...

Yes, snow days are the best! I love that the dfw area has been more "wintery" this year. Many people do not agree...but it is so rare! Plus it makes the work week nice when we get a day off here and there! HA

Enjoy your new place...I am sure it will be super cute!

Meghan said...

NSYNC! I saw them three times in college - I will always be a fan:)

Nicole said...

Heart full of love, that's GREAT!


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