Snow day/cabin fever/FML

Well, today was another "snow day" - no work. No complaining patients. So, I got to take a nap, and play in the snow. All 7 inches!

This morning, my little sister decided to wake me up at 6 am to tell me, "Hey look outside at the snow! Text the doctor to see if you have to go in to work today."


My alarm isn't going to be going off for another hour!

In my sleepy stupor, I stumble to my blinds, kick my nightstand and mutter some swear words at her, open my blinds, and see that the snow is almost covering my car!

Hey, again - nothing outta the mouths of my northerner friends! ;) This is big for us Texans. Our state has basically shut down!

Since I'm awake and so is the rest of my family, I get up and go out to my living room to watch the news, which I've never really understood why we do this on days like this. All it shows is the temperatures which we already know are below freezing, and the roads which are icy and empty. Not a soul on the roads. Ridiculous.

So, around 6:30, the little sis, her friend, and myself decided to venture out in our neighborhood to see the snow and whatnot. It was kinda fun, except for the fact that I kept falling everytime I missed the curb because well, ya can't see it when it's covered in snow! ;)


I'm going crazy bored inside & I'm really wishing Starbucks delivered, so I've decided to share some pictures.

Don't complain about the quality. They are compliments of my lovely crackberry. :)

Let the adventures begin!

My dad's house from our road

My pretty little car, all covered in snow

Casey teaching Jen how to make a snowman

Jen throwing "snow confetti"

The snow came from my fingertips to my wrist - a good 6-7 inches!

Crazy much? Then she laughed and licked it.. so unsanitary! I got onto her for that one!

That's all folks! ;)


Neely said...

Cute pics!

meghan said...

Looks like fun. I'm jealous of all you snow day people. There are no hopes of that in Tampa...

Meg O. said...

NOT FAIR! Our "snow day" turned into a freakin NOTHIN' day. Yeah, you heard me right. We got a quarter of an inch of ice. I WANT YOUR SNOW NOW!

Amber said...

Haha! That is crazy to see Texas with snow! We were talking at clinic today how odd it was that Dallas was getting snow and ice, and it was sunny and beautiful in Minnesota. There's one for the record books! Anyways, it's still foreign to me that 6 inches would shut down the town, but I am just jealous because that rarely happens here even at 16 inches we had earlier! WEIRD! Hope you have a great weekend :) I love snow days. It gives me a reason to not set too high of expectations and be lazy! :)

PS take the opportunity to make snow ice cream!

Kate Weber said...

I'm so glad I'm out of the snow and in the warmth of Vegas. Snow is cold and wet. Fun to look at in your pictures, but I'm so glad I only have to look now. :)

Your blog looks so cute. :) I love the happy bright colors and adorable font! (I'm such a font junkie.)

Emilymud said...

No work for the week was nice...the snow was nice...but let's hope we get a couple of days off from it. Loved your pics! Sounds like it was nice to get out a d enjoy the snow, rather than the ICE! Be safe and stay warm!!

Meg O. said...

LOL - of course they're loaded with calories but if you tell yourself they're not.... they're NOT, DAG NABIT!!! Sprinkles is coming out with a red hot red velvet (meaning it has CINNAMON cream cheese icing) for valentine's day!! OMG. GO NOW. There is a Sprinkles in Dallas!!!!!

Sam said...

Looovvee snow days! Sounds like you had a fun one!

Also, just popped over to your "meet amber" page.. we have the same birthday! :D

That's not thing only thing either.. I'm a HUGE over-thinker (sure to be headed for ulcer-ville by the time I turn 30), I HATE clowns, and coffee is my crack.

Boobies said...

I HATE this weather!! So it's refreshing to see people enjoying it! XO

Jill said...

ahh i bet u guys were surprised by all the snow!!

Nicole said...

My mother in law was stuck in her house since Monday. We got 18" so we went and picked her up and at least brought her to our house Saturday. She stayed the night with us Sat night :)... change of scenery :)


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