Oh thank God for lazy days & a GIVEAWAY!

Today is a snow day here in good ol' Dallas, Texas. Most of you from the north will make fun of us because we can't drive in what we call the "snow/ice". Well screw you! (not really, I love you all!) :)

We're not use to it though, so when we do get it, we all freak and tend to start closing things down. Businesses, schools, etc.

My little sister came in my room this morning though, and yelled, "You're totally gonna be off work today, my job closed, so you'll really be off work!" (her job never closes for anything, delays maybe, but never closes, and it completely closed) and my dad even came home early. He works thru everything.

I let them know that the medical world doesn't close for some snow and ice, but I spoke with the office manager and she said almost everyone at the office let her know that they weren't going to make it in.

So I text Doc to see what the plan for us was, because I didn't want it to make it seem like I expected to stay home (although I really badly wanted to go back to bed especially since everyone else in the house was going to), and he text me back and said "Stay at home, but please call the patients for today and let them know we will not be in the office".
Yessssssssssss! Score!

All I had to do was do a quick, few calls. And of course, all of my patients are elderly and when I made my calls they made me feel stupid by saying things like, "Oh sweetie, we weren't going to come out in this awful weather anyway, are you crazy?"

"Yeah well, I had to let you know we were closed anyway, some of you crazy old bats might have tried to brave this shit." - okay, so that's not what I said, but I wanted to. ;)

So today I took a super long nap, and have been playing on the computer and watching game shows and talk shows.

Oh, oh, what this blog post was supposed to be ALL about anyway. I entered this awesome giveaway from Katie over at
Katie's Journey she's doing because she's recently hit 400 followers and it's her 2 year blog-versary! :)

So, while you're over there visiting her, go ahead and enter her giveaway, it's awesome. And after you enter, don't forget to mention that you found her giveaway because of MY blog.

I'll love ya foreva and eva!!! ;)


Boobies said...

Snow days are fabulous! Enjoy yours doll!

Julia said...

I love snow days! I have one today, too! Have a great day!

Heather said...

I'm so jealous! We're still working away today. And there is absolutely ZERO chance of me getting tomorrow off either.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I totally know what you mean about loving/hating Zumba. That's how I feel about Pilates today (I'm sooo sore!).

I look forward to reading your posts. :)

Adrian said...

stopping by to say hi from Mingle Monday! Have a great snow day! I am only a little jealous of your time off, as it's 60 degrees and sunny where I am haha

Misty Michelle said...


Thank you for brightening me day as always Miss Amber!!! XOXOXOX

Lola! said...

Amber i will email you shortly!

Meg O. said...

DAMN YOU DALLAS AMBER! lol...kidding. (but not really.) I want a snow day. It's 29 degrees here in Houston... think it can happen??? SEND SNOW THIS WAY ASAP. K thanks. ;)

Meg O. said...

Oh, and about how I made the collage of photos... I literally took a screen shot of my photos in flickr and edited it in photoshop (cropped it and added the words around it). You can do that with a lot of any photo editors. Hope that helps!

Nicole said...

Yeah we never close down either and we've been closed now for 2 days. Good for us because my husband's Tucson doesn't sit high enough to get over the snow... we got high centered just trying to make a path so we could go to work tomorrow. and if he can't make it out, my car surely won't.... Hope you had a great day!


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