Bloggy Milestone!!!

It's my 100th post! Yaaay!

Not only are we celebrating that fact, but I am also crossing something off of my 101 in 1001 list.

One of the goals I had down was to come up with 100 things that make me happy, and I thought this was the perfect time to do so. Wouldn't you agree?

I present to you, 100 things that make me happy! :) (in no specific order)

1. Washing my hair
2. Holding a newborn baby
3. My grandparents
4. Knowing that I'm loved
5. Having friends who listen when I vent
6. My little sister, who is my rock
7. A sincere compliment
8. Random acts of kindness
9. Going out for beers with the BF
10. Hour long phone convos with my Mom
11. Winning - at anything
12. Helping out someone in need

13. When someone tells me I'm good at my job
14. Going shopping with the BF's mom
15. Tiger lillies
16. Sweatpants & fuzzy socks

17. Courteous drivers
18. Jeans that fit SO perfectly - preferably AE or True Religion
19. Girls' nights out
20. Happy hours
21. Blogging
22. Grey's Anatomy and Food Network
23. Perfect spring weather (75-80 degrees)
24. "Chick Flicks"
25. Going to weddings
26. Dancing, and missing it from high school
27. Acting like I'm 16 again with my BFF
28. Watching trash reality TV
29. All 3 of my fabulous siblings
30. Conan O'Brien
31. Unexpected money
32. Getting a massage, or a mani/pedi combo
33. Making people laugh
34. Going out to eat, especially Italian food
35. Going to the movies
36. Swimming/laying out
37. Getting what I want
38. Having my hair cut or colored
39. Swinging on a swingset
40. Learning useless tidbits of info
41. Stand up comedians - Chelsea Handler ;)
42. When a stranger tells me I'm pretty
43. The nicknames my family calls me
44. Text messages
45. Tweeting
46. Facebook - addict right here!
47. Reading a book so good, I can barely put it down
48. People who give bear hugs
49. Lap dogs who don't shed
50. Having a full tank of gas
51. Popsicles
52. The Little Mermaid - everything about it (don't make fun) ;)
53. Wearing high heels
54. Polka dots
55. Yoga
56. Blowing bubbles
57. Burt's Bees chapstick
58. Acronyms
59. Weirding people out
60. Being trusted
61. Wine
62. Sudoku
62. Roller coasters (love the feeling of your stomach in your throat!)
63. Tube tops in the summer
64. Dancing in my car while driving when my fave song comes on
65. Laughing 'til my stomach hurts
66. Coffee
67. Spearmint flavored ANYTHING
68. Bath & Body Works
69. Victoria's Secret bras & panties
70. Finding new music
71. Attending baseball games
72. Road trips
73. Buying someone a gift
74. Peanut butter
75. Good hair days
76. Meeting someone and having the conversation flow so easily
77. Waking up refreshed
78. Sleeping in on the weekends
79. Lucky Charms - yes, the cereal :)
80. Inside jokes
81. My Nana's famous lasagna
82. Cooking and having people tell me how delicious it tastes
83. Even numbers
84. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
85. Having my mom there to take care of me when I'm sick
86. Magazine subscriptions
87. Puzzles
88. TV shows or movies that don't require me to pay attention, they just make me laugh instead
89. Achieving a goal
90. The smell of fresh popcorn
91. Cheesecake
92. When something you've been wanting goes on major sale
93. Old pictures of my parents and grandparents when they were kids
94. Having a plan/to-do list
95. The color red
96. Getting a hand-written letter in the mail from my grandparents
97. Having extra money to spend on myself
98. An empty laundry hamper
99. The smell and atmosphere of Starbucks
100. Having 100 things to be happy about :))

I hope you guys have enjoyed my 100th post and seeing what makes me happy!
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Breathtaking Award

I always feel SO loved when I receive an award, and it's been quite sometime since I got one. Luckily for me.. this week I got one! :) I received the Breathtaking Blog Award!

Thanks so much Brittan! Everyone be sure and go see her blog, A Babbling Brunette. She's awesome! :)

Rule - Fill out the following survey & then tag some other bloggers!

1. Who/what inspires you?
The doctors I work for, and the patients I care for inspire me to be better at my job, and inspire me to further my education. As corny as that sound, it's SO true. My family also inspires me to do the same. The way the look at me and tell me how proud they are of me makes me SO happy, and makes me want to make them feel that way over and over again.

2. What is your favorite season & why?
Summer, baby! It's my birthday season, and I swear to God I was a fish in a previous life. I could live in the water and be perfectly happy. If I was paid to wake up each day, put on my swimsuit and go lay by the pool, swim and have a drink in hand, I'd be in heaven. I swear it's what I was born to do. ;)

3. What are you looking forward to most this year?
I'm looking forward to the weddings that the BF and I are attending, and also the Dallas Blogger Meetup. I know it may seem like I talk about it a lot, but I've really gotten into my blogging lately, and I want to meet more bloggers. I'm inspired by you guys, and I LOVE meeting/making new friends. :)

The Undomestic Momma

4. If you could write a book about anything, what would it be about?
My childhood. It wasn't what you would call "ideal". I hate to say it, but I wouldn't want my child to grow up with the childhood that I had. I'm not saying that my parents are horrible, God awful people or anything, but my childhood was very trying. It made me into the anxious/panicked/anal person I am today. I think it's one of the topics I'd have A LOT to write about!

5. What is your greatest passion?
Helping other people, hence my profession. My constant WANT/NEED to be in the medical field.

6. If you could change one thing about your life or yourself, what would it be?
About my life - I'd be better about saving money. I'm horrible about it, and I always have been. If I have extra money I see it as an opportunity to splurge on myself. I need to work on that more.

7. Lastly, what is your favorite novel?
My absolute favorite in the whole wide world? OMG, this is hard! I'm going to have to go with Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I know, I know. I picked like the oldest book ever written, but it's SUCH a classic, and I can't help it. Plus, everyone's read it, and you all know you LOVED it. :)

Now time to tag some people!

I'm going to tag some of my favorite blogs!

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Fabulous but Evil

Life on a Stick

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My 1st CSN giveaway!

I was recently contacted by CSN to host a giveaway! I'm giving away a $40.00 promo code to their website for anything your little heart desires to spend it on!

They have anything and everything, from an LCD TV stand, baby strollers, living room d├ęcor, shower curtains, and MORE!

I've browsed their site plenty of times, and seen so many things I've wanted.. just to show a few things:

I've been wanting to get some decorative throw pillows for my couches - these are TOO cute!

I've always wanted a mixer like this, but I'm too cheap to go buy it myself, but with a discount, maybe I'd actually go get it ;)

I'm always down for any kind of framed pictures, and these would look great in my dining room!


*You must be a follower of my blog, and leave a comment telling me that you are. Also, leave your email address, so that if you win I know how to contact you letting you know that you've won.


*Follow me on Twitter @BrunchWithAmber, and tweet about this giveaway

*Let me know what you'd buy if you won! Oh, the possibilities! :)

*Blog about this giveaway, and leave a comment with the link

Please leave a separate comment for each of these, thank you!

I will close this giveaway in one week on Saturday, March 5

Good luck to all of you!


Fill in the Blank

If you wanna play, go link up with Lauren!

1. I am currently obsessed with twitter. Sad to say. I started one not long after it came out, but didn't really understand it, but then I saw that all my blog friends had one, and I thought okay, I can use it for blogging purposes. Yeah well, now it's taking over my life, HAHA!

2. Today I am proud of myself because, I packed myself a lunch and snacks to take to work, which included a salad, and lots of fruits and veggies. It was very good for me. ;)

3. The age I am is 23 and the age I feel is dependent on the day, I guess. Somedays, I feel a lot older than my age because I get tired and feel like I'm close to 30, HA! Mentally, I feel that I am, and have always been told that I'm "wise" for my age.

4. My favorite place is anywhere out with friends, or people I can have fun with. I like to be out and about having fun and doing things. I don't like to sit around and be bored, which I get bored VERY easily.

5. Something I have been procrastinating is getting back into school so that I can work on getting my RN. The plan is to start school in the fall, and I need to get on that. Guess I better get my butt in gear!

6. The last thing I purchased was coffee on my way to work this morning, yummy! :)

7. The thing I love most about my home is
that it is all mine, it's decorated the way I want it to be done, I control the bills, the temperature, the way things are set, and everything of that sort. Anal much? Maybe so! But you guys still love me! ;)


What I'm LOVING Wednesday!

I'm LOVING.. my girl
Meghan's giveaway! It is fabulous. She hit 100 followers, and is celebrating her 100th post all in the same week. How awesome. Go check it out. You won't be sorry! ;)

I'm LOVING.. that the "loneliness" feeling is slowly, but surely starting to go away.. I'm starting to get use to my apartment.

I'm LOVING.. the "Happiness Project". This book is amazing, and I'm so glad I was introduced to it! :)

I'm LOVING.. that when my alarm went off this morning, I was ready to get out of bed. All thanks to my Ambien Rx.

I'm LOVING.. that our awesome friends, Nick & Stephanie had their sweet baby girl this past weekend, and the BF & I get to go meet her this weekend! :)

Here's us at a wedding, June of '09:

I'm LOVING.. that my little sister is my rock. I called her scared yesterday, crying my eyes out as she was walking into work. She talked to me and calmed me down, and stopped what she was doing at work. She wouldn't let me get off the phone until she knew I was okay. God, I love having a sister. I never in a million years thought I would say that when I was younger, but now that I'm older.. I guess I wouldn't give her back. ;)

What are you guys LOVING?!


My humble abode

Introducing my new apartment, FINALLY!

My bedroom:

My living room:

My bathroom:

My kitchen:

Is this not the coolest, EVER? My kitchen came with a built in wine rack, that I will be putting to good use at all times. ;) And yes, I have cheap wine. I buy whatever is on sale at Target!

My 2 favorite wall decorations :)

I hope you guys enjoyed the virtual tour of my apartment. Sorry it took me so long to finally get the pics up, I know I've been promising them for a while now. I'm hoping to get the 'net at my place, ASAP. It's a boring world without it. ;)


V-day weekend/gifts :)

I had a great Valentine's weekend. You guys have to remember.. I MOVED this weekend, so needless to say, it was a bit tiring. Plus, the BF may or may not have pulled some sort of muscle in his back while doing so. :(

I thought I would should you what my weekend would consist of in pictures.. it's always more fun that way. Don't you guys agree? :)

First up, the BF had to help me put together a storage pantry I bought..

Afterwards, we decided to have a valentine's eve brunch at the lovely Ihop, my treat. Since he did such awesome carpentry work for me. ;)

That night, we were exhausted from moving and organizing, so we rested up and did our low-key valentine's the next day we consisted of wandering around Barnes & Noble aimlessly, playing Sudoku on the Nook and entertaining each other with all the funny books..

And of course, exchanging small gifts..

I also got my valentine's package in from my blog swap! :) The lovely Laura totally outdid herself. At first, she left the task of mailing my package to her "bozo husband" (her words, not mine!) ;) and it didn't get to me by v-day. So since she felt so bad, instead of just sending me one copy of a magazine of my choice, she sent me a whole years' subscription! What a doll!

She also included one of the OPI new Texas edition nail colors.. the name is "Do you think I'm Tex-y?" HA! I LOVE it!

Here's my loot! :)

I'd ask how everyone's valentine's day was, but I'm sure you all blogged about it, and if I'd just have constant access to the 'net, I'd know! ;) Now that my apartment is actually set up, I'll have more time to get things like that together.

Post with pictures of the apartment coming soon! :)


All You Need is LOVE - Day 7 & 8

I've been SOOO busy this weekend with moving, that I had no time to blog yesterday! (I'll do a post soon on my moving adventures! :))

This really upset me. I missed out on day 7 of the challenge!! So today, I'll do yesterday's and today's, which is the last day! :(

(Yesterday) Day {seven} I {LOVE} when I feel beautiful/sexy/pretty! This happens when I...

*Wear matching bra & panties

*Curl my hair with a curling iron, and it actually stays and doesn't fall flat!

*Am washing my hair

*Get a new swim suit and I'm NOT having a "fat day" ;)

*Get finished working out, and have that burst of energy

*Step out of the bathroom and have just finished getting ready to go out, and the BF has this look on his face, doesn't say anything for a minute and just stares at me, now THAT makes me feel beautiful. :)

(Today) Day {eight} Whether in love or out, on Valentine's Day I {LOVE} to...

Eat A LOT of chocolate! (as if I need a holiday to give me an excuse to do this! ;))

Make sure people feel extra loved, especially those who "hate" this day, or those who were recently broken up with.

Give the BF lots of extra lovin'. I'm a romantic person anyway, and I tell him everyday and do little things all the time to let him know how much I love him, but I really like going all out for today. :)

My little sister and I do something special for my dad since he doesn't have a valentine.

Whether or not you're single, in a relationship, married, confused, heartbroken, hate this holiday or what - Happy Valentine's Day! If you're a follower or hell, even if you're reading my blog, I LOVE YOU! :))


All You Need is LOVE - Day 6

Day {six} - I {LOVE} blogging because...

I have learned more than I thought I would have ever learned in these 8 short months.

Back in June of 2010, I was bored at my desk job, and was playing around online. I came across some blog accidentally, and I thought it looked interesting. I looked around for a little bit, and thought to myself,
"Hey, I could do this too!"

Sooo, I sat down and did it, and here I am today. 8 months later.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've used writing or journaling as my "outlet" I guess you could say. Whether it be writing a letter to someone and never delivering it, writing poetry, writing down my feelings, or just writing whatever comes to my head; I write because it feels good. It makes me feel better.

Never in a million years did I think I would have so many AWESOME people who actually care about what I have to say! You people really do read all about my life. Hell, some of you even read EVERY day.

It still amazes me, and I'm so very thankful for all of you! :)

The blogging community has become something that I've gotten into SO much, and it's something I love and enjoy a lot!

I consider some of my blog buddies some of my greatest friends. I've yet to meet any of you in real life (sad day), but we tweet a lot, chat on here, email, and all that fun stuff.

I look forward to meeting a good chunk of you at the Dallas Blogger Meetup in a couple of months! Yaaaay! :)

The Undomestic Momma

And last but not least, you accept me for who I really am. That, my friends is why I LOVE blogging. ;)


All You Need is LOVE - Day 5

Day {five} What I {LOVE} about my friends is... That they are always down to be silly and let loose and get crazy with me. I have a fun, silly personality that is shown sometimes more often than it should be, and my friends join right along in. We like to cause attention to ourselves. We let it be known when we're around! ;) Silly times like these.. these times make me happy. :)


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