Weekend & V-day BLOG SWAP! :)

Hey guys!! I hope you've all had a fabulous weekend! I know I did. Friday night, we did our usual outing to Buffalo Wild Wings and as usual "Namber" kicked major ass at trivia.

My crackberry doesn't focus very well, excuse the blurriness, thanks!

Saturday, the BF & I stayed in bed for entirely too long, when we finally decided to get up, we went to Olive Garden for lunch. Good idea because I can always appreciate Italian, but Italian always causes me to overeat, and then I come home and lay on the couch until my food-baby dies down. It's disgusting.

Later, I wanted to put on some comfy sweats that I had gotten for Christmas that I have yet to wear because they are too long for me, (this is nothing new considering I'm JUST under the 5 foot mark). Well, Robin's GF decided to help me with making them size petite just for me. :) And here's the after product -

By the way, I'm not yawning.. I'm trying to look "excited" because I can now wear my pants and you can see my feet, and I realize it's a major fail, but whatever. You get the idea.

And today, I'm up entirely too early, but the BF has an early morning shift, but that's okay because I'm off to get to work on his Valentine's day present. I can't wait to share with you guys what it is!!! I'm so excited about it. ;)

For now, I'd like present to you....

I, for one, may be a little overly excited about this. I've never done a blog swap! I know, where have I been?! Give me a break, I've only been blogging since June, yo!

Anyway, for more info, please go see Neely at
A Complete Waste of Makeup

I hope everyone will play. I think the more that will join, the more fun it will be! :) So go, go now and send your email!! That's an order! ;)


Sam said...

Yay! Thanks for blogging about it! :)

Also, you're a MA/RN to be? I think that makes you my new blog best friend, lol! I've yet to find an actual MA on here! :)

Boobies said...

I'm a shortie who never has the right length sweat pants either...The world is made for tall people...discrimination I say!

Gonna go check this blog swap out now!

TriGirl said...

Hi Amber! I came over from Mingle Monday. I'm also 5 ft and have the worst time finding pants that fit. But, I discovered that Gap Fit sweats are made to be cut to length...no hemming necessary!

Very cute layout btw :D


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