Gotta love the support of a family!

Let's just cut straight to the chase.

My little sister is gay. Yep, I said it. Lesbian, homosexual, dyke, whatever you choose to call it. I like to affectionately call her "lezzie the lesbian". ;)

I'm incredibly supportive, and I always have been. Luckily, we have the best parents ever, and they are too.

My little sister's best friend, B, recently came out of the closet, and unfortunately, her parents were not as supportive. Her dad made this comment, "Well, when you hang out with freaks, you become a freak yourself."

Whoa buddy, no one calls my little sister a freak, but ME!

No, but seriously!

This comment made me highly livid, but at the same time, made me take a step back and think about the way my parents raised us.

My parents would have never said this about any of the kids we chose to hang out with when we were younger. Even if they were a little odd, well if they were a friend of ours, they were always welcome in our house, and our parents always treated them like one of their own.

Growing up, our parents were always so supportive and non-judgemental of us and our friends. They accepted everyone. They let us make our own decisions, and let us pick our own friends.

They were never those parents who said, "No, you can't hang out with so and so." or the parents who forbid us from talking to certain people.

Don't get me wrong, they didn't let us run wild, and they kept their eye on us. They knew how to discipline us, and definitely did so when it was needed, but why assume your kid is going to do bad things with someone who is a "bad kid"?

I, for one, do not believe in the term "bad influence". It's ridiculous.

If anything, I'm living proof. My 2 best friends in high school spent all 4 years partying, drinking, and experimenting with drugs. Whereas, I spent my 4 years studying, doing extra credit projects, and working to save extra money for college. These girls were STILL my best friends.

We all know how to make a decision on our own. Sure, peer pressure, whatever. But, no one makes anyone do anything. It's all on you buddy. ;)

All I'm saying is, I thank God every day for giving me parents who support me and my siblings for who we are, and our friends as well. For parents, who have let me make my own decisions, who didn't shelter me as a child, and let me become the adult that I am today.

Thanks Mom and Daddio! Love you both!


JoJo said...

You certainly had great people raise you :-).

And were' all freaks. It's the people that don't know how to get freaky that are the weird ones!

Lilly said...

(@ JoJo - so true!!) One time, I was dating a guy who was from a very conservative, Christian family. We were having dinner one night (I can't tell you how much I LOOVED these dinners. Not.) and my BFs little sister made some joke about having "girl friends." She was totally kidding of course, and then the mother goes, "you can be friends with girls, but it's when they become girlfriends then we have a problem."

I was dumbfounded. I mean, it didn't really surprise me because I knew that's how they were anyway, but seeing it actually happen in front of my face made it more powerful. It just seems so hateful and ignorant.

I have always been raised to believe that we are all equal, there is nothing wrong with being gay, bisexual, etc. and that as long as someone has a good heart, that's all that matters. Sexuality doesn't define a person.

I was also given a lot of free-reign and trust, and was probably the most well-behaved out of all of my friends, who had considerably tighter leashes.

Anyway, that's my novel for today. Sorry! I'm just so glad you are blessed with good, loving parents!

Misty Michelle said...

WOW! Thank god for amazing parents!! That would be so hard without supportive parents!!

We are all so different and thats what makes us so amazing!!! I dont understand people who dont see that.

Steph S. said...

You are very lucky to have such wonderful parents! I'm thankful for mine, too - West Virginia isn't exactly the most progressive, open-minded place to live or anything - but they did a fantastic job in creating an environment that encouraged thinking and open-mindedness. I love them for it! This was a great post. I don't believe in judging - it's wrong and stupid.

Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

Wow! That person disappoints me. I wish there were more people like your parents =D

Mama Hen said...

It is so great to have supportive parents! I want to wish you a very happy New Year filled with happiness and great health! I hope you are doing great my friend and that your holiday was wonderful!

Mama Hen

Steph S. said...

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