Total bromance

First, let me start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy. HUGE. Like the hugest fan ever, I know everything about all of the characters. Okay, you get it.

I'm also a lover of wine. Yum-o.

Now, with those two things being said, let me go about my story.

The BF's best friend/roomie who I call "Robin" is a Grey's fan too. The BF gives him a lot of grief about this because he says it's just a lame, drama filled show about a bunch of doctors who sleep with each other. (how dare he?!)

Last season, Robin had them DVR'd on the box in his room, so I would catch up when I could or if I missed an episode. The BF never let him live this down.

I realized that the DVR at my place, has deleted one of the episodes from the current season that I haven't seen yet. This makes me very unhappy.

So I asked Robin last night, if he was recording this season. He said no he was not. I said, "Come on, I won't tell on you, it'll be our secret." HA! He insisted he had not.

Today, the BF had a rare Saturday morning shift, and I thought to myself, "Perfect time to watch some Grey's on Netflix!"

Robin comes into the living room and watches with me, after a few minutes he admits to me, "By the way, I do have the current season saved on the DVR box in my room."

Sneaky man!

I was pleased to say the least, and was sworn into secrecy not to tell the BF. Which if it allows me to get what I want, I can keep my mouth shut for as long as I need to. ;)

I think Robin may have told this little white lie in front of the BF because a couple weekends ago, the BF poured me a glass of wine, and when I noticed he had a beer, I said, "Babe, are you not going to pour yourself one?"

He looks at Robin and then back at me, and kinda says quietly, "Yeah later, when we pick out a movie."

Robin gave him so much grief, "Whaaat dude, you're gonna drink wine with her?!"

The BF said quietly enough to where he thought I wouldn't hear, but I did because I have a keen sense of hearing like a dog, "Listen, there are certain things I have to do to live up to my boyfriend duty, and drinking her favorite wine with her is one of those things."

I smiled to myself, and thought, "Awww how sweet!" But then I thought, hmm, should I be flattered and think it's sweet, or weirded out that guys can't even admit this kinda crap to each other?!

It's so funny to me, they are the best of friends, would do anything for each other in a heartbeat, but give each other so much crap at the same time!

I guess that's the difference between boys and girls. My best friends would never judge me or give me grief about watching some dumb boy movie or something with him, they'd support me.

Poor boys, makes me glad I'm a girl! ;)


Lola! said...

this post just made me smile because I knew something good was coming. And I dont understand why guys are that way either!

Nicole said...

haha... gotta love the opposite sex... sometimes I think they are another species. haha!

Jessi said...

New follower here. I love your blog!

Can't wait to see more in the future.


The Preppy Pre-Med said...

That definitely makes me glad I'm not a guy :)
If I was, I can see myself totally being beaten up all the time for not being manly enough.

I tagged you on my blog :)


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