Saturday Six

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1. Worst movie ever made..in your opinion?Punch Drunk Love. It pissed me off too that I fell asleep while watching because Adam Sandler is one of my faves! He never makes a bad one. :(
2. A stranger you encounter has toilet paper hanging from their pants..or spinach in their teeth...insert any embarrassing item here...Do you tell them?Ha, no I don't think I would. It that horrible? Oh well!
3. Tell us ONE thing that annoys you. Yes, just one.Wow, just one?! You're killin' me here smalls! Let's see, I absolutely HATE being interrupted when I talk. It's something I expect children to do, but when an adult does it I literally get so annoyed that I want to smack the shit out of someone.

4. What's your biggest beef about the opposite sex in general? (Don't be skurred, we won't rat you out.)
The need to feel macho and act like a hard ass around their dude friends even though they know they are softies around us. ;)

5. Would you donate your eggs/sperm to an infertile couple?
I think if I was done having my own kids, then yes, I would. I feel terrible for people who can't have children who truly want and deserve them. There are so many woman who shouldn't even have the ability to reproduce that have dozens of kids, which is unfair to the women who can't.

6. What's the last book you read?
Vision in White by Nora Roberts. It's the 1st in a 4 part series, and I loved it! On to book number 2 this week, which is Bed of Roses.


Boobies said...

I agree with Punch Drunk Love...I personally hate when he tries to do serious roles..we want him to be FUNNY!

Being interrupted always sucks and I know people who do it notoriously!

Props on donating eggs...I feel like such a callous ass for saying no. :(

Lola! said...

Amber I will be sure to post pics as soon as we become puppie owners.

I have never seen punch drunk love because I dont want to ruin my picture perfect crush on adam sandler for one bad movie.
and the whole donating the eggs thing. I feel for those people who cannot reproduce, however i feel very strongly on the whole idea of adoption. There are soo many kids in our own country who need loving parents as well. I will leave it at that. But That is just something I think I would do if i could not have kid.

Marie said...

Hi there Amber,

Cool questions and even cooler answers. I might have to link up. Thanks for sharing. Do you have a blog button? I wanted to Spotlight you on my Sunday Spotlight however I can't find a blog button. If you get one, please let me know.

Since I couldn't spotlight you, I choose to give you an award. It's the Stylish Blogger Award. You are just pretty awesome.



LindseyLove said...

Loved your answers! Instead of telling someone they had toilet paper on their foot, I stepped on it to get it off and then it stuck to my foot.. so much for being nice haha!

Amanda said...

I've read the first and 2nd book in the Nora Roberts' bride series. I LOVE them. I have #3 waiting for me to read. Might take it on my trip.

I've never watched Punch Drunk Love.

Mama Hen said...

Hey Amber, I did not see that movie. I wont now that I have seen this review. Ha! I don't like when someone interupts me. That is rude. The macho thing around friends is almost funny. Hope you are well! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Very interesting questions... I haven't seen Punch Drunk Love, thank goodness I guess :) But girl, you have to tell someone if they have food in their teeth or tp hanging from their pants... you just have to!

Brittany said...

Amber, just wanted to let you know that I responded to your last comment via a blog post :).

Kiley said...

thank you for the wonderful comment, things are definitely getting easier. :)

Meg said...

HAHA I loved your answers (and your Sandlot reference!) I SO totally agree with you about Punch Drunk Love! SUCKED!

Nicole said...

I agree! Punch Drunk Love was AWFUL! Funny People was kind of disappointing too! You are JUST like the BF! When he gets interrupted he'll just STOP talking lol it is soooo annoying! I am just impatient and if I can help move the convo along a lil faster why not!? =D


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