My 1st Saturday Six :)

I don't know why I've never done this before, you guys know how I live for these blog memes. Pathetic, I know. Also, as soon as I get internet DAILY, I'm going to hop on the 30 day challenge bandwagon, so be on the outlook for that. :)

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You get a million dollars, what's the first thing you buy?
First, I'd play it smart and pay off my damn car.
Now, let me be selfish and just say that I'd buy myself a nice tropical vacation where I have nothing to worry about except for when my next spa treatment is.
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What do you consider to be the best things about yourself? (Your best qualities, what you like about yourself etc.)I'm incredibly compassionate. I don't give up on things I truly believe in.

What do you consider to be one of your weaknesses?I don't know if this is considered a weakness, but I'm way too impatient. I also over-analyze and worry to the point of making myself sick.

Have you ever made a scene in public? Elaborate!Oh yes, many times. More times than I'd like to admit, HA! Let me give you a quick peek into my 21st birthday - I don't remember one bit of it, tried making out with everyone in the bar, and was eventually asked to leave once I looked like this:
I'm so ashamed. I may be shitty drunk, but at least I look fierce doing it. ;)

Any annoying quirks you possess?I make this weird noise in the back of my throat that for the longest time I thought no one could hear but me. Leave it to my little sister to point out my flaws. It's not too loud, not everyone hears it, but it's there. So odd. It's an OCD thing. Don't judge me.

Are you more aggressive or passive in your personality?I asked the BF for his opinion on this, and he said it depends on if I have alcohol in my system or not, HA! When I am 100% free of beer or margaritas in my blood, I'm more passive I'd say.


~J said...

We're very much alike!!

Tropical vacay, for sure! Love your drunken bday-that's the ONLY way to turn 21, right?

I'm sickly impatient too...while it bothers others, I think it's a strength personally! ;)

Ms. MacKenzie said...

That picture of you on your 21st is classic! I'm pretty sure I have one that looks just like it floating around ! LOL

Amanda said...

So the picture is not bad at all because its your 21st! thats what your supposed to look like! Im sure i have one around here like that to!
Stopped by to read your answers! By the way i love your blog background! i <3 polka dots!


PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Haha...that picture of you is hilarious! We've all been there..I'm just glad mine weren't documented! :)

Katie said...

I'm also totally impaitent and I also over analyze/am a worrier. It annoys the crap out of my husband but he deals. lol.

Mama Hen said...

Hey Amber, smart move about paying your car off first. I would love a vacation! That is great that you are compassionate! More peole need to be this way! Staying with things you believe in is also a great quality! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Oh my gosh that picture is hilarious! But that's what 21st birthday are for :)

Artemis Clover: The real L.A. love story. said...

for a 21st birthday picture, it could have been much worse.


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