TV, TV and more TV

Being unemployed, I've had plenty of time to sleep until noon almost every day, sit my ass on the couch, and catch up on some of my favorite shows on some of the best channels that TV has to offer.

I'd have to say that my top 3 fave channels are Food Network, Discovery Health, and Game Show Network. These channels are my WEAKNESSES! It's sickening I tell ya. Anytime someone in my mad house turns on the TV, if it's on one of these 3, they know I was the last to watch the television.

During the day, I usually keep the TV on Food Network, which has Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, Giada de Laurentiis and Barefoot Contessa. Just to name a few of my faves. I especially enjoy watching when they are making a meal that I would like to try or that looks scrumdiddlyumptious to me. Who are we kidding? I'll watch it even if it's something that sickens me, such as seafood, YUCK!

I do sometimes try out the recipes too. I'll get online and copy down the directions. They usually turn out pretty good. The BF always stands over my shoulder, and asks "Are you sure that's done all the way?" or "Are you doing that right?".

This boy doesn't even know how to boil water!!! I just tell him to shut up because he's going to end up eating whatever I make anyway. ;)

Late afternoon, early evening-ish is when the TV usually gets flipped over to the Game Show Network. I've always been a huge fan of The Newlywed Game, even when it was all old-school. It's even better now that Carnie Wilson hosts and the couples are closer to my age.

I always try and make the BF play along and answer the questions with me, to pretend like we are actually on the show. I guess it's not as fun for him as it is for me. Who'd have thought?! Who knows, maybe one day, if and when I ever get married, I can apply to be a contestant on there, and win a fabulous tropical vacation for myself! ;)

There's also a semi-new show called "Baggage" hosted by Jerry Springer. Which just goes to show that he's running out of things to do to make a little cash. So why not host a dating show on the game network? Everyone else is doing it!

Me and my little sister are totally addicted, and if we don't catch it on at the time, we DVR it. I recommend catching it yourself. ;)

Late at night, is when I watch Discovery Health. The shows absolutely amaze me. I'd have to say that my favorite one is probably "Mystery Diagnosis". It shows these people with odd symptoms, who've been going to all sorts of different specialists who can't figure out what's wrong with them. Once they are on the brink of death, a rare diagnosis comes out! It's quite interesting.

I also enjoy "Dr. G, Medical Examiner" where Dr. G does autopsies on people who have died suddenly. It's very graphic, but fascinating and "I'm Pregnant and..." where pregnant woman with strange lifestyles are featured.

Comedy Central
and WeTV were the runners up.

I usually flip between "Bridezillas" (which I'm totally convinced that I'll be one of those one day, not because I'm a hateful bitch or anything, but because on MY day, I'm going to flip if things don't go MY way!) and "South Park".

Pathetic, I know. I hate to admit it, but I can't help but laugh my ass off at 4th grade cartoons who cuss each other out. The shenanigans they get themselves into are hilarious!

What are some of your guys' favorite channels or shows? What's your show that you absolutely can not miss?


Megan said...

Oh my. You and I would make excellent TV Buddies!!!

My husband and I never miss Wipeout and Psych. My personal fav is Project Runway, which usually chases my husband from the room.

I usually watch older show on my Netflix Wii, like "Murder, She Wrote" or "Dragnet". I have to have noise through the whole day, so most of the time I'm not really watching, but the TV is on nevertheless.

JoJo said...

JT loves the food network too!

I'm a Bravo fan all the way!

Becca said...

I love the Food Network too and usually, I'll have it on in the background if I'm cleaning or something. The shows that I actually sit down to watch are True Blood, Law and Order SVU, and the Real Housewives franchise -- I'm addicted to those 3 shows. I'm looking forward to Dancing with the Stars, No Ordinary Family, and I just started watching Rizzoli and Isles which I think is going to be good!

Roxy said...

I understand completely. I could watch the Discovery Channel all day.

Mama Hen said...

I love watching movies! I like all the romantic comedies. I like Bravo and I like Hallmark. Yes, it can be a bit sweet, but I like to see happy love stories. Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Emily said...

Hi! Stopping by from tuesday tag along!! Haha, we don't have a TV, otherwise I'd probably be the SAME way!! :) I'm over at http://babydickeysgiveaways.com and http://babydickey.com :)

Katie said...

I'm not a huge TV person, but my husband and I love to watch Lie To Me together. I love Grey's Anatomy. We also watch True Blood online because we don't have HBO. :)


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