A glass of merlot anyone?

Don't mind if I do! ;)

Last year on my birthday, I went to Montana with the BF and his mom for a wedding. While stopping for gas, I noticed this bottle of wine that was named "Little Black Dress" - the bottle also had an empty hanger and red stilettos on the front - TOO cute!

Anyway - I just had to have it, so his mom got it for me.

Fast forward to a year later - when moving out of my apartment, one night the BF decided to come over to help me pack, I made him dinner and wanted to finally bust open the bottle of wine. Well, my cheap ass corkscrew broke off IN the wine bottle! I was pissed.

This weekend, I brought the wine over here and the BF used his nice corkscrew that was obviously more than $2 to open it for us.

It is DELISH! Loving it. I've always loved wine. I know, it's an acquired taste, and not everyone likes it. I, however, can highly appreciate a nice glass of red or white!

Basically that's what my weekend has consisted of - lots of TV and wine. Plus, I've been nursing a killer headache for the past 3 days. This one is very uncomfortable - not even my migraine prescription meds are touching it!

OH, OH, OH - Chelsea Lately is on! One of my favorites, seriously how can you not just want to be best friends with this girl?!

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Double excitement - she's hosting the VMA's tomorrow night. I've gotta watch this. First of all, I'm totally addicted to award shows, and I want to be this woman!

Have you guys read her books? She's hilarious. I know she can be raunchy for some people's taste, but not mine. I love how brutally honest she is, yet so incredibly clever. She doesn't give a fuck what people think about her, and it makes me love her that much more. ;)

Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend!


Amber said...

I know which wine bottle you are talking about! I love that you are using wine for the headache cure---hey whatever works! Glad you are having a good weekend!!

JoJo said...

I love Chelsea Handler! She's my icon! I can't wait to watch her tonight!

Steph S. said...

Chelsea made me LAUGH OUT LOUD so many times during the VMAs! I totally lost it when she first came out, Lady Ga-ga style with a big house on her head... OMG. I knew she was going to be hilarious from then on.

Crazy Brunette said...

I dont like wine... I'm a Vodka or Miller Lite bitch! But I would TOTALLY have bought that wine just because of the stilettos on front!!

Amanda said...

So next time im at the liquor store im deff. going to be looking for this bottle of wine!!! And im in the middle of Chelsea's first book and i love it! it cracks me the hell up


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