I'm on the verge of a miniature meltdown!

Can I just say THAT?!

Living with my dad is about to make me a crazy woman. As if I'm not already one! Seriously, my anxiety level increases everyday.

Don't get me, I love him with all my heart, but he's a tough man to live with! My brother says it's because we're so much alike. ;) Whatever it is!

Yesterday, before I left for work, I put a pulled pork recipe in the crockpot that would be done by the time I got off, and we could all have dinner. I came home and my dad asks, "Did you mean to turn that on when you left?"

"Um, yeah Dad, I did." He claims it wasn't plugged in, which I know it was because I distinctly remember plugging it in.

I go in there to see that he did plug it in for me, and he turned it on, (thanks Dad) but there's a ton of unknown liquid in there as well. So, I yell from the kitchen, "What the hell did you do to it?!" Dad responds with, "I noticed you forgot to put water in there, so I filled it up for you."


"But Dad, it didn't need any water. If it needed anything else than what was already in it, I would have asked you to add to it when you got home, since I didn't, it was fine being LEFT ALONE!"

He says, "Well I just don't see how anything can cook at all without any water."

He wants me to help out by cooking, but when I do, he tries to take control!

Ughhhh, MEN! I hate living with 'em. HA!

Plus, this past week, I have been sick as hell! Monday morning started with a runny nose and a sore throat. Nothing too major, so I took some allergy medicine and blew it off. By the end of the day, I was weak and achy.

Tuesday morning, felt like DEATH! I seriously had all of my energy zapped from me. I was laying in my bed, close to having my little sister take me to the emergency room. I couldn't get out of bed without wheezing and being completely short of breath.

Wednesday, death even worse! I was sent home from my extern site. One of those little germy kids got me sick, I'm sure of it!

Thursday, I can breathe!!! It's a miracle! Back to work. Still sucking down sudafed and tylenol.

Friday, not 100% yet, because I've still got the yuck cough and plenty of phlegm to go around (TMI, I know, sorry!) but feeling MUCH better. :)

Plus, I miss you guys like crazy. I feel like the worst blog friend ever because I haven't been keeping up and updating as often as I was or would like to.

I swear on everything that is holy, that I will be back in action as soon as I get a job and find a place of my own. :)

Thankfully, it's the weekend and the BF and I are house-sitting for his parents who are out of town.

We headed up to the taco joint earlier, this place serves FREE BEER. Yes, I said free. It's awesome. So needless to say, I'm feelin' good right now.

The BF's out in the garage with some neighbors watching baseball, I let him know it was imperative that I update my blog because I do anything else, which includes having another drink!

Now that I've done so, I must get back to my girlfriend duties. ;) See you guys tomorrow. Lots of love!


Dawn said...

hey there! following you from FF :) Hope you have a great weekend!
Dawn :)

Nicole said...

uck! sounds like colds are going around again :(


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