I guess what they say is true

Certain designs, colors, patterns can make you look AND feel fat!

Yesterday, was a bit of a "fat day" for me. I know you ladies understand me when I say this. Men, not so much. The BF doesn't really get it when I say that I'm having a fat day. It's so not fair that men never have these unwanted days. Why do we women have to go through it ALL?

Anyway, today was a total waste of the day. We have literally lounged around in our jammies all day.

The BF's in the living room watching Star Wars, or some other lame movie that I refuse to watch with him, and I'm in the office watching P.S. I Love You. A movie that he refuses to watch, which I think is totally crazy! ;)

I finally decided I wanted to get up, shower and do something with myself. I even decided on wearing a semi-cute outfit and doing my hair instead of throwing on sweats and a tank, and leaving my hair in a wet, messy, wavy bun.

Let's face it, during the week, I work at a pediatrician's office. They don't care if I make myself up and the kids surely don't care what I look like, so I wear scrubs (which are basically pajamas) and my hair is up EVERY day.

Gets kinda boring, ya know?

So it was nice to do my hair this late afternoon. Always makes me feel good about myself when I have my hair done, for whatever reason!

Back to the actual point I was trying to make. Sorry, I tend to get off subject a bit more than I intend to.

I put on a new shirt that I got last week for the first time, and realized that I looked HUGE, not necessarily outward, but my torso looked so wide! (maybe I should've tried it on first, oops!)

Let me also say that being incredibly short - (I'm right under 5 foot), I don't have a very long torso to begin with, so I can't have clothes making it look even shorter, right?!

Well, this shirt has HORIZONTAL STRIPES!

I know that vertical stripes enlongate the body, and horizontal stripes do the exact opposite.

And today, I'm exhibit A. Ugh!

At least it's a black shirt. Black is slimming, right?

Lately, I've been trying to add more color to my wardrobe. Not that I am a boring, goth girl, but a lot of my clothes are neutral colors. I have lots of black, gray, dark navy, and white. Every now and then I try and throw my signature color (my favorite color) red into the mix as well.

My outfit today is khaki shorts - straight from American Eagle (they fit me so amazingly!) and a black top with white stripes, all complete with black sandals.

See how boring I can be?! I just like to think that my hot pink pedicure makes it more exciting. :)


Lola! said...

Oh i dread these types of days. I have them quite often. But I some how amazingly got my husband to freely admit he has his fat days too. But he quickly changed the subject.

Katie said...

I hate days light that. You outfit sounds really cute though!

Nicole said...

I hate those days too! I understand! I feel like that more and more these days!


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