Happy August!

Can you guys believe it's already August? I don't know about you guys, but July totally flew by for me!

I guess I shouldn't complain, the sooner we get out of the summer months, the sooner we will be out of 100+ degree weather. The BF's car thermometer read 109 degrees today.

I could possibly have a heatstroke within the next week.


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Getting to know YOU

1. If you were to win an award today, what would it be for?
This is really tough. Give me a minute to come up with something clever........ prettiest hair color. :) I got my hair done yesterday as a late birthday gift from the BF's mom, and it looks gorgeous! Not to mention, still smells delicious. Don't you love getting your hair done?! The only downfall is you can never style it the exact way the salon did. So annoying.

Wow, totally got off track there, oops! :)

2. What is your shoe style?
All kinds! My closet is filled with every type of shoe. I love flip flops, obviously. Flats are always classy, and every girl needs a few pairs of sexy heels. Heels make me feel so sultry. Probably because I'm the shortest girl, EVER! Anything to add height is nice. ;)

3. Does your car reflect your personality?
I'd say yes and no. It's small and cute, like me, obviously. :) But I've always wanted an SUV, for whatever reason, so who knows?!

4. If you could take over someone's body for a day, who would you choose?
Obviously someone with a hot bod. I wouldn't want to walk around lookin' like an ugly girl now would I? I'm going to go with Jennifer Aniston. She's so toned and looks awesome for a 40+ woman. Guess it helps that she's never had any babies right?!

5. Love or be loved?
Since this is my blog, and I make the rules, I'm going to pick both. :)

6. If you were on death row, what last meal would you choose?
Oh gosh, I'd eat until I was miserably full. Might as well die happy right?! I'd want a big fat juicy steak cooked medium, with lots of steak sauce, please! Let's add some garlic mashed potatoes and garlic bread too. (who cares if I die with bad breath?) This meal sounds totally manly, so let's go ahead and throw a caesar salad in there too, just for kicks! ;)

7. Have you been on vacation this summer, if so where?
No, I haven't. Sad to say, but it's still been a semi fun summer nonetheless. School has totally put a damper on my vacay/social life, so I haven't done a lot in the past 8 months or so.

8. What is your favorite food related guilty pleasure?
I loooove salt. Seriously, salt tastes good on EVERYTHING. Okay, maybe not everything, but pretty damn close. I put entirely too much on most of the food that I eat.

There you have it, hope you enjoyed "getting to know me". :)

Let me leave you guys with this - I want your opinion.

The BF's mom and I went shopping yesterday after my hair appointment. We got to talking with the cashier, and it came up that the lady I was with was my BF's mom. The girl at the cash register looked at me and said, "Seriously, that's your boyfriend's mom? My boyfriend would KILL me if I went shopping or hung out with his mom. I never really see her."

I then ask how long they have been together, and she tells me only since March.

Okay, well me and my BF have been together for almost 2 years, but still, his mom and I have always been super close.

To me, it's important for my boyfriend's parents to like me, and vice versa. Right?

Both the BF's mom and the BF said the girl at the store's BF didn't want her around his mom because there was probably another girl in the picture.

Kinda makes sense right? I never thought of it like that until they mentioned it to me.

What do you guys think? And how are your relationships with your significant other's parents?


Mama Hen said...

I was so happy that when I dated my husband his parents liked me. I always loved spending time with them even without my husband around. I would agree about Jennifer Anistan's body! Remember that an SUV uses more gas! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Katie said...

I think it's important to get along with your bf/spouse's parents.
I've been lucky, parents have tended to like me.
I get along great with my husbands parents and my parents and whole family love my husband. :)

Hotcakes said...


and the feeling is mutual.

i just posted a blog about her (though it wasn't really good news) but it showed how close we are.

She even told my boyfriend before that I should be calling her mom. *blush* I said that was silly. and my bf's mom was like... "im not kidding" ... hahahah...

We even hang out even my boyfriend isn't around. More so even when my boyfriend temporarily left the country, we still did see each other almost everyday.

I remember the time when my bf and I was just a new couple (less than a month) ... I went to their house and my Boyfriend was surprised that I was there! I said "im not here to visit you, your mom and I are going out" .. and HE DID NOT BELIEVE IT. because his mom RARELY goes out. lol

im so missing her right now :( I'm out of the country.

Vhen said...

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