Happy Tuesday! :)

Good morning my lovely blog followers! :) I guess I'm overly happy today because although it feels like a Monday, it's already Tuesday! (yesterday was a work/school holiday for me).

Since I was such a horrible blogger this weekend, I'll go ahead and update you guys on what's been going on this past week/weekend. Here we go!

Wednesday night, I went over to the BF's after class to stay with him since his birthday was on Thursday, and I had a vacation day at work to use. We watched movies and had fun, slept in, went and grabbed lunch the next morning before I had a doctor's appointment. It was funny because the place where we had lunch, (which I refused to let him pay for even though he kept trying, it's his birthday!) had a sign on the table that if you show your ID on your birthday, you get a free sandwich. He felt bad, but oh well, it was already paid for! :)

Here we are on his birthday - so sweet!

Before I tell you about Friday night, let me tell you about VERY EARLY Friday morning. The night before, the BF and a few of his friends went out for his birthday. Around 4:30 am, I get a call from Fish (not her real name, a nickname) and being the pessimist that I am, I assume something bad happened. A) that's just the way I think. B) she sounded like she was crying. I immediately was wide awake. Luckily, all she needed was a ride to the airport since my lovely boyfriend and his friends were too drunk to take her, HA!

Now, back to Friday night. I headed over to the BF's place so we could meet his parents for his traditional birthday dinner they take us to each year. Well, because he was moving so slow that day, he wasn't ready when I got there, so I headed upstairs to help him finish getting his things together. He asked if it was raining when I got there. I let him know it was drizzling a bit, maybe sprinkles but not bad. As we're walking down the stairs to go to his car, it's like the sky just opened up and all the rain that has been sitting in the clouds for who knows how long just came down all at once! Couldn't we have just left 2 minutes earlier?! We stood there for a few minutes to see if it would let up, no such luck. So, needless to say, we were both drenched by the time we got in the car with our things. I was pissed. I mean, I was having a great hair day, wearing my favorite heels that I just got back from getting resoled, AND I was wearing my nicest jeans. C'mon!

We got to dinner, and his parents were already feeling pretty good, HA! So we order our drinks, and sit down for dinner, which was ridiculously expensive, but oh so delicious! I had the filet mignon, cooked medium, with smashed garlic potatoes. I also had a mango martini and we had red wine with dinner. (sorry I can't remember the name) Afterwards, the waitress brings over this HUGE brownie ice cream dessert thingy which embarrassed the hell out of the BF, but his mom insisted. It was so delicious!

Here's the BF sarcastically eating the ginormous brownie -

We just headed back to his parents' place for more fun and drinking with everyone in the neighborhood.

Here's a random pic of me and his mom's dog, JJ this weekend - I just love this little doggy SO much! :)
Saturday, during the day, the BF's mom took us shoe shopping for our birthdays. And here are the super fab shoes I got. The BF actually helped pick them out. Good taste, huh? :)

We also went and upgraded his phone because he had a credit that was sitting there. Let me tell you something about my BF, he's very old-fashioned and a creature of habit. Once he's used to something, he sees no need in changing it.

This is the phone he's had since I met him -

He finally stepped foot into the 21st century and upgraded to a blackberry! I was so excited. I was teaching him all about BBM (blackberry messenger) and all of the other tricks I know. He was so cute trying to figure it all out. :)

All in all, we had a great weekend, and I wish I could have more 3-4 weekends! How was your weekend? Tell me what you did for the holiday! :)

By the way, here are the blog-hops I'm participating in today. Go ahead and check them out!

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Jackie said...

Hi, I am your newest follower. I hope you follow me back at http://mommysmargaritas.blogspot.com

Ms. Emily Ann said...

sounds like a fun weekend! JJ is too cute!! And I love the shoes!! Also - BBM is the best!!

The Little Blonde Girl said...

Happy Tuesday! :)
New follower from TTA!

Just a Girl said...

Hi, I'm a new follower from TTA. I absolutely love those shoes!


Monkey's mama said...

Hi! I am your newest follower! I have a giveaway going on now to thank my followers. Winner wins a Target gift card check it out :)


JoJo said...

BBM is life changing. I cant stand it when I have to text the few friends that still have regular phones and I have to go out of my way to type in the first few letters of there name and then click on the text option to say something. Ugh, I mean who has the time for all that extra work of pressing three more buttons! The nerve!

peppers said...

I love my blackberry too!! BBM is the greatest because you can see when the other person read the message and if they're typing. That sucks you got all wet after getting ready! You need an umbrella! So you and BF have your birthday at the same time? That's so awesome! And I love the shoes- snazzy!


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