What are you afraid of?

I am afraid of many things, one of those things just so happens to be the dentist! Eeeek.

Even though I have the world's sweetest dentist, I can't help but imagine horrible things happening while I'm there. Very pessimistic of me, I know. I'm sure that I'll end up on the news as one of those "once in a lifetime" events. It's awful!

This is what I see when I think of the dentist -
I had a dental appointment yesterday to get some cavities filled. No big deal, I happen to get cavities quite often. Apparently my mouth doesn't produce enough saliva, which results in dry mouth which equals cavities. Oh joy!

I've never had a traumatic experience at the dentist, not even as a kid. Hell, as a kid, I loved going to the dentist because his name was Barney and he let me pick a prize out of the pirate's treasure chest at the end of the appointment. Of course I didn't mind the dentist back then!

The older I get, the worse my anxiety gets. When I make a dental appointment, my anxiety increases dramatically.

I sit/lay in the chair and tell the assistant,
"Yes, of course I want nitrous oxide." (laughing gas). She gets me all hooked up, and just like last time, she gave me too much. I had a head rush and felt like I couldn't sit up. I let her know I was light-headed and to please turn it down!!! I want to be relaxed, but don't cause me to faint lady!

In comes my lovely dentist, who I really do adore, to administer the novocaine injections. I absolutely HATE the numb feeling. This time, she had to numb me closer to the front of my face because of where my teeth were needing fillings, well I couldn't feel my left eye!

She asked me if I was winking at her, and I responded with,
"Um, no. I'm not winking at you. I can't feel my eye!!" She laughed and assured me that it would go away. Just kinda freaked me out as it's never happened before!

She's doing her thing, and I feel her constantly putting gauze on my lower lip. I am so numb that I assume I'm drooling a lot which is kind of embarrassing. She proceeds to tell me that she accidentally caught my lip with the drill and it was bleeding pretty bad.


After I'm all finished up and they take all of the damn tools out of my mouth, I ask to see my lip in a mirror. Hell, it may be split in half for all I know - I can't feel a thing! Luckily, it's just a crack, like severely chapped lips. However, she put medicine on it which caused it to clot and I was instructed not to pick at it.

So, I walked around the rest of the day with a huge spot of dried blood on my lip. Sexy, right?!

Needless to say, I couldn't finish my afternoon at work. It was deep work, and I was hurting. I went home and slept until it was time for class. Since all I had was 2 slim fasts yesterday, I thought for sure I'd be skinnier today, but no such luck! :-/

All I have to say is thank God for Vicodin. ;)


brae&joey said...

I can so feel your pain. Although, I had only one cavity, I HATE the dentist! My husband and I watch 100 ways to die and after watching the episode with the dentist, I get so scared to go and I feel like I'll have an anxiety attack just calling to make the appointment!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Wow, that sounds horrifying!! My dad is a dentist and I still get freaked out about going, even for routine check ups. That lady needs to learn to be more careful! But, yes, at least you have Vicodin :)

theboredmommy said...

Hey, thanks for visiting me! You have a fun and beautiful blog! Great job!

Lyndsay said...

I've always hated visiting the dentist, any kind of work with bones or teeth really irk me out. My fiancee separated his shoulder last year & part of his collar bone was sticking out & I couldn't stay with him in the ER b/c I almost passed out. But here's the twist, my dad is my dentist, so I'm not afraid to scream when he hurts me. I'm pretty sure I scare every patient who comes in after me, haha


JoJo said...

I hate the dentist too! It's painful and awkward. Now that my moms not responsible to make the appointments for me anymore, I haven't gone in years. This is probably not good.
P.S I'll trade you an aderral for a vicodin.

Amber said...

It's a deal, I'll take it! ;)

JessRaquel said...

I hate the dentist! The injections are the part that freaks me out the most, I hate shots. Last time I went, they had to give me 6 shots because tit wouldn't numb right away. Ugh it sucked so bad!

Heather Taylor said...

She caught your lip with the drill? Scary! I'm not a fan of the dentist either, creepy place...


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