Weekend, barbecue, blogging, free beer, summer, etc. :)

I figured since I'm new to this whole blog thing, if I really want to get some readers and keep people's attention, I'm going to have to blog like once a day until I get it built up! So, here I am, doing my Friday post. Enjoy! :)

My weekend plans are as follows: tonight, when I get off of work, I am heading to my boyfriend's parents' place (where my BF is), and we're going out to eat for his mom's birthday (which was yesterday). There's this awesome "taqueria" down the road from their house which serves authentic Mexican food, free beer, yes FREE (no liquor license) and they have a live mariachi band on Friday nights. It's too much fun! Tomorrow, the BF has to work a rare Saturday afternoon, so my Dad and I are going to the car dealership because he got something in the mail that the dealership is looking for cars JUST LIKE MINE!!! OMG. haha, I told him, "Dad, they send those to everyone regardless of the car they drive!" But my Dad is persistent, and if he wants to take me, that must mean he's just DYING to co-sign for me to get a new car with a lower interest rate, and hey, I'm alllll about that! ;) Sunday - is usually chill day. The BF and I will pack a cooler w/ some beers and head to the pool for some sun. During the week, I am stuck indoors, all. day. long. UGH, so I like to lounge by the pool as much as I can on the weekends :)

The sunshine makes me happy, and even when I'm not particularly happy with my body, being in a swimsuit just makes me feel kinda sexy in a way, girls, do you get where I'm coming from? I usually end up complaining all winter long about how cold I am and can't wait for the summer to get here. The BF always says I'm never "temperature comfortable" because when summer rolls around, I bitch & moan about sweating, HA! Maybe it's true, but deep down I enjoy summer MUCH more than winter. You can get in the water, get nice & tan, cook out with friends, take road trips. I guess in a sense, it kinda makes me feel like a kid again. :)

I am still SO full from my lunch. My boss ever so kindly bought my lunch today. So sweet of her! :) I had a Texas Chopped Brisket sandwich from Red, Hot & Blue.. never been there? Go when you can! It is soooo damn good. I usually end up eating way past my brain telling me I'm full, but it's so delish, I just can't help it. At least I can probably eat a small dinner tonight because of it, HA!

I'm beginning to think this will be my new addiction. I'm just hoping I don't fall off the blog bandwagon after a few months. I really wanna keep this up. It's lots of fun; I've always been so good at expressing myself through writing. I think mainly because when I speak, I don't think before I do it, so that's why writing is better for me. :) I joined 20sb.net and lemme tell ya, it's been awesome so far. I absolutely love seeing other people's blogs; it's very inspirational. I plan on making some good bloggy friends there. :)

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and if I don't post this weekend, you'll see me on Monday! xoxo


veggies said...

OMG I'm the same way about temperature! I whine all winter about how I hate the cold and I need to be in warm weather, but now I complain about how I can't put my makeup on and blow-dry my hair without dripping in sweat! Ughhhh!

Thanks for following my blog!!! Yay! =D

hannahkaty.com said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on 20sb. Glad you are off to a great blogging start. Totally stick with it, let nothing sway you. It is an amazing hobby.. I cannot say enough good things about it.


Hannah Katy

JoJo said...

I'm never temperature comfortable either though I do happen to love the summer sun way more than the cold, but still complain about it.
Looking forward to getting to know you more. Will be back :-).


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