Sleep study update! (and other things too)

So, I had my sleep study last night. The closer it seemed to get to the actual appointment time, the more nervous I got. You see, I'm a creature of habit. I was very uncomfortable with going somewhere I'd never been before to sleep for the night, and all by myself too! I just knew I was going to feel "homesick" in a sense.. are ya picking up what I'm laying down? Good!

Anyway, I took an Advil PM to help me get into sleep mode and calm my nerves down a bit before I went. I show up to the clinic only to fill out even more paperwork. There's a man in the waiting room with me doing the same. (they only have about 3-4 patients a night). He starts making small talk with me, which always makes me feel extremely uncomfortable with strangers. I usually end up saying something stupid or smiling like an idiot. He did take note of the smiling - "You sure are full of smiles aren't ya?" I don't even remember what I said. I'm sure I mumbled something along the lines of, "Oh yeah, I try, I'm just tired." What the hell does that mean?

Anyway, as we finish our paperwork, the tech walks us in the back to put us in our rooms. The man from the waiting room says, "I call top bunk." Which resulted in the tech and him laughing hysterically. I just looked around, "Do I really share a room with someone in a bunk bed?" This caused more laughter. Sorry people, this is my first sleep study rodeo, I had NO idea what to expect. He said, "Just trying to make a little sleep study humor, hahahahehehe!" Yeah, well you're not funny. I'm a ball of nerves right now dude, so stop.

We are each put in OUR OWN rooms, thank God. I am told "Paul" will be in soon to start me up. I am laying there, watching the Rangers/Astros game (hey, I can appreciate a good baseball game!) and they started losing, so I changed it over to King of the Hill. Paul, the tech, came in and made the comment that I'm the first female he's seen to watch that show. Yeah well, when I only have like 10 channels to choose from, I gotta pick something!
Paul proceeds to tell me that he's going to bring in the leads to attach to my head, body, legs, EVERYWHERE and have me do some calibration (sp?) exercises. He comes in to attach the leads all over the place - this process took around 45 minutes, and my Advil PM is kicking in! Can we just hurry up so I can finally do what I came here for?! Before I was able to sleep, they wanted me to use the CPAP machine for a few minutes. I used the one with nasal pillows, which forced me to breathe in and out through my nose, ONLY. He told me to try and breathe through my mouth so I could see what it'd do. It damn near choked me. I wasn't happy. Let's get this mask off.

By the way, this is what I looked like after he was finished. Don't judge me, I promise I'm prettier with makeup and NOT looking like an alien. That little box by me - Paul kept calling my "little buddy", yeaaah.

Lights out. Surprisingly enough, it didn't take me long to fall asleep. Later on in the night, I woke up to strange hands in and around my nose. I flipped my shit. Eyes shot open, and my heart was about to pound out of my chest. Paul apologizes profusely. "Um, what the hell are you doing?" He says, "In all fairness, I did call your name quite a few times, but you were out." Yeah well, try harder next time because you gave me a miniature heart attack. Apparently when I rolled over, the nose piece came out and they needed to put it back in.
After this little ordeal, I couldn't go back to sleep because I think in the back of my head, I was scared I would knock it out my nose again and be woken up by his fingers in my face again. No thanks.
I had to call someone everytime I had to pee too. I wake up a lot in the middle of the night for this. He had to come unhook some things and I had to take my "little buddy" to the bathroom with me. So annoying.
He finally comes to wake me up around 6:30am to unhook me. I am dead to the world. I just half-lay there while he does his thing. I'm told the DR will call me on Monday or Tuesday to come in to talk about the study and to see if I have to come in again. God, I hope not. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
Needless to say, I went home and crashed for the next 4 hours on my couch, ahhh. Finally, I can move any way I want without worry about a lead coming detached and being woken up by a middle aged man.
I still have so much to say, but because this is getting a bit lengthy, I won't go on too much.
The BF is watching the World Cup because USA is playing today. This is a make it or break it game for USA. Who cares?! I think that soccer is the absolute most boring sport in the world, and the buzzing horn 24/7 in the background makes me want to rip my eyeballs out. Also, people never even talk about soccer or care until it's World Cup time. America is NOT a soccer country. Leave that to the brits!
I'm still trying to decide if I should let people in my real life read my blog or not. Not that I wouldn't want them to, but part of me likes that I can write about ANYTHING and not really worry about being judged. Does anyone else feel this way? Let me know if your blog is for the bloggy world only, or if your real life friends and family read it too.
I hope you all have an awesome weekend. The BF and I are heading out for a friend's birthday tonight. I'll blog about that another time. :)


JoJo said...

bahahahaha that picture is amazing! You are so bold!

My blog is for everyone, bloggers, friends and family. My mom is one of my biggest fans and my friends get a kick out of it. I wish my inlaws didn't read it though because they're the prim and proper type and well, I'm a little edgy plus it would make it a lot easier to write a post about how much they grate on my nerves.

pearlsandpolitics said...

I could never do a sleep study! I have a hard enough time going to sleep in my own bed!

And although my blog is public and I know my parents, grandparents, friends and other people I know read it, I sort of wish they didn't. Sometimes, I'd like to write a "put it all out there" post to get things off my chest ... but I'm too afraid of what the people who actually know me will think. So, I often censor my blog for that reason. ... But all in all, I kind of enjoy having a (small, super tiny) fan base that also includes people I know.

Just do what's comfortable for you!

Amber said...

JoJo - Haha, I was debating on whether or not I should post it or not, but it was too hilarious! :) You're too funny about wanting to blog about how they get on your nerves. Maybe you can start a whole new blog that they don't know about? ;)

Pearls - I get what you mean, which is why I still haven't told anyone I know what my link is :) We'll see!


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