Rainy days make for depressing moods

I am feeling really down today, and I know why, but instead of owning up to it.. I think I'll just blame it on the rain. Ya know how rain makes people just BLAH?! It started raining really hard yesterday while I was at work, and normally I'm happy to go to class after work because I enjoy it. But lemme tell ya, yesterday, I was in no mood to do anything but go home, put on my jammies and veg out! Being the overachiever that I am though, I went to class :)

Today, it's really rainy, dark, ugly and gloomy out again, and to me, it just makes my problems that much worse. I know we all stress, we all have issues, problems, whatever. I do know that my problem could be worse, it's not as bad as it could be. Some people have it worse than I do, blah blah BLAH! And even though I hate to admit it, when I am "down", I am also selfish! I do not think about how someone else has a way worse problem than myself and I just need to suck it up.. I wallow in my self-pity and think, oh em gee, is this really happening to me? Please tell me I'm not the only selfish asshole out there, HA! I am a worrier, this is a problem. When a little thing happens, it's a major ordeal for me. I think about it constantly and don't sleep well until it's over and done with. Now, I know this is NOT healthy, and I need to be positive & think happy thoughts, and overall, I'd like to think that I AM an optimistic person, but when I am stressed, not so much..

I guess I just needed to rant a little bit about the irrelevant. Thanks for listening :)

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we hate you. love, us said...

When I'm stressed or down, I can be the most selfish person on the face of the planet. Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us!



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