My very 1st blog post :)

Ahhh, I did it! I started a blog of my very own. :) I've always enjoyed reading about people's lives, even if I don't know them (creepy, I know!). So maybe other's will enjoy reading about mine too! I have been wanting to start one of my own for a while now, but haven't for fear that I won't have anything interesting to say, and no one will read this, HA! I don't want my blog to just be lost in the internet world; I want it to be read by people! So, if you find me and my blog interesting enough so far, "follow me" and I'll do my best to keep your interest from here on out!

I want to keep this updated regularly. I vow to update AT LEAST once a week. As of right now, I am very busy (work full-time & school full-time), and I don't have much time for myself. When I graduate in August, I'm hoping to get some of my life back. At least until I go back for further education. :) By the way, I am in school for medical assisting and plan on going back to nursing school maybe in the Spring of 2011. We shall see where the medical field takes me for now.

What are you even supposed to talk about on a blog?! I definitely want you to keep coming back for more, but I have no specific topics to talk about; I just talk about what's going on in my day and what's on my mind. I am usually long-winded, but not always about things that matter. :) For now, I am sitting at work, watching it rain like crazy and wishing I had ordered Chinese food with everyone else because this office smells DELISH! Oh well, I'll just stick with my tuna salad sandwich, applesauce & oatmeal cream pie. :) I had 6 fillings at the dentist yesterday, so needless to say, my mouth is still a bit sore, so soft foods it is!

Speaking of lunch, my tummy is growling and it's about that time, so I'll see ya next update! Thanks for reading. :)

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JoJo said...

I hate rainy days too :-(.


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