Happy Father's Day!

Okay, okay, I know - I'm a day late, sue me! But, I was busy yesterday. Spending time with my dad, doing laundry, laying around & missing the BF, etc.

Let me fill you in on the relationship I have with my dad. We haven't always had the best relationship as I was growing up because you see, my dad was a raging alcoholic for the majority of my childhood. He never once laid a hand on me or even verbally abused me, but it still wasn't pleasant for me to see him drunk and fight with my mom, day in and day out. It was very hard to watch as a young kid.

I can remember my parents constantly screaming and fighting, usually after my little sister and I had gone to bed. *side note - I have 2 older half siblings from my dad's side, my sister is 16 years older so I never really "grew up" with her. My brother is only 8 years old, so he lived with us for a bit during my childhood, but he was old enough to see what was going on and moved in with his mom instead of staying with us. I can't say that I blame him.

When I was 3 or 4, my mom up and moved me and my little sister to Pennsylvania (where she is from originally). We stayed with my grandparents for a while, and I can remember one day, my dad came in. He apologized and said he was all better and was ready to take us home. My mom, as always, accepted his apology and we were on our way back to Texas.

My dad was NOT better. He still continued to drink and abuse drugs. My mom was always depressed, and it felt like all I really had was my little sister most days. My dad took his last drink (the 1st time) in 1995. Even though my dad had quit drinking, my parents still fought on a daily basis. I now know that this was because my mom had resented my dad so much for so many things.

My dad relapsed when I was in high school. He started drinking again. Luckily, this time, I wasn't living with him. My parents were already separated, and I was living with my mom. So, his 2nd (and final) sobriety date is September of 2004. He's been clean since then. And to tell you the truth, he really and truly is a changed man. I don't just say this because he is my dad, I say it because it's the truth.

You see, growing up, I knew I'd have a strained relationship with my dad. I thought as I got older, we would drift apart and eventually I wouldn't even have any sort of relationship with him. I am glad that I was wrong. He started attending AA meetings, doing the 12 step program, making new friends who were also recovering alcoholics who could support him. He's NOT the same daddy I grew up with. He's such a great man now who's more than happy to help me out. Recently, he told me and my little sister that he spent so much of our lives putting beer and women before us, that he wants to make it up to us now, even though we're grown up. The fact that he wants to redeem himself speaks so many words to me!

I know a lot of people may not forgive their dad, but I have, and that's all that matters to me. He's changed, he's there for me and loves me unconditionally. I am so proud of the man he has become, even if it was later in our lives. At least he did it! So, happy father's day Daddio. I'm so proud to have you for mine! :)

Here's a pic of him looking like a bad ass, on his pride & joy -

Hope you all have an awesome week! xoxo

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иικκι јо♥ said...

Very beautiful post! I'm so proud of your father for being sober and he is really lucky to have such a great support system.


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