And the verdict is.....

Well friends, I had a doctor's appointment today. I mainly was going to see her to get some refills on my medications to last me a while, (I'm about to have to quit my job to do my extern for school, sooo we all know that no job = no insurance).

Anyway! While I was there, my mom and the BF wanted me to talk with her about possible sleep apnea. Here's the deal.. my mom has it (it's hereditary, which I just found out today actually) and according to the BF, I'm a horrible bed-buddy. :( So, I agreed to talk to her since I do feel kinda bad that the BF doesn't sleep well when I stay over, but only kinda. ;)

My symptoms include: not sleeping well, nocturia (nighttime urination), restless legs, snoring/heavy & deep breathing, and jerking/twitching in my sleep. According to my oh so wonderful doctor, I am the classic case of sleep apnea. Well that's just fan-freakin'-tastic! She said she felt bad that she didn't notice it before, since I just recently became hypertensive, but since I'm not overweight she didn't think it could be caused by sleep apnea. She also said that my airway is small because my tonsils are close together and getting them removed could relieve the symptoms. Buuuut, she's going to send me a referral to the sleep doctor who will have me come in for a sleep study. How in the hell am I supposed to sleep with someone watching my every move all night?! I swear, the night before they schedule me to come in, I'm not going to sleep at all, so that way when I get to the doctor's office, I can crash out easily. :) That's a good plan, right? So, I will definitely keep you guys updated!

My friend at work asked me if I would ever donate my eggs or be a surrogate mother for a couple who couldn't have children. What do you guys think about this? I say, (and I hate to sound selfish, really) that I would most definitely do it once I was done having my own children. I do not want my first time being pregnant to be with a child that I know I have to give up at the end. I know that I would get super attached, and it would be incredibly hard. So, for now, no surrogacy for me. However, I would weigh the option of donating my eggs. Although, I don't want to give my eggs to someone else when I haven't even had the chance to use them yet. Yes, yes, I'm aware I have about a quarter of a million eggs, but STILL that is NOT the point, HA! Am I being ridiculous yet?

Anyway, just curious as to what you girls would do with your eggs? I do think that everyone who wants a child and deserves a child should have one. :) Most women I know long to be mommies someday!

P.S. I HATE my new signature.. anyone want to offer to make me a super fabulous one?! :)

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JoJo said...

Ah that's so creepy someones going to watch you sleep, but at least it will help get to the bottom of this. I think my husband has sleep apnea too and he's not overweight either. He just snores like a thunderstorm. I can't sleep unless the air is on to block out the noise :-(.
As far as donating my eggs, I could never do it. They are a part of me, my genetics, my DNA and it would weird me out knowing that my child is wandering around out there with other parents.
It's a great thing to do for those women that only have the option of using a donor egg, I just can't see myself parting with my eggs.
Those are my potential kids we're talking about. but that's just me.


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